A-level Media Studies

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This is a book about A-Level Media Studies. It aims to fit in broadly with the existing UK Media Studies syllabi from AQA, OCR and EDUCAS but is not endorsed by any awarding body. The main focus is to provide a definitive resource in relation to the contents of current A-Level studies, whilst being broad enough to meet a range of specifications.

It should be useful as a revision guide or to find alternative explanations to the ones in your textbook.

This book will approach the subject from a generalized perspective, but may make direct relevance to some close-study products, it should not be used as a definitive reference for them. References to related resources will be provided.

This book will cover some aspects of Media Production, in particular the application of theory to practical work, but is not a technical guide to practical skills. You will find many definitive guides exist already online, this book will provide references to such sources where appropriate.

If you haven't heard of an A-Level then this book probably won't be directly useful to you, but if you are interested in Media Studies then it will serve as a broad introduction to the subject.

If any part of this book is unclear or even wrong then please post a comment on the discussion page or please fix it yourself!

Contents[edit | edit source]

  1. Introduction to the Theoretical Framework
  2. Reading Media
    1. Print Media
    2. Audio-Visual Media
    3. Digital Media
  3. Media Representation
  4. Media Audiences
  5. Media Industries
  6. Media Production
    1. Statement of Intent
    2. Pre-Production
    3. Production
  7. Glossary of Terms
  8. Further Reading