A-level General Studies

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The A-level, short for Advanced Level, is a General Certificate of Education qualification in the United Kingdom, usually taken by students in the final two years of secondary education (commonly called the Sixth Form), or in College (not to be mistaken with the "college" term some countries such as the United States use for University), after they have completed IGCSE or GCSE exams. It is also recognized around the world. Says Wikipedia

Below are Wikibooks for General Studies at AS and A2 for the different exam boards.

OCR Units

  • Unit 2961 AS The Cultural Domain 1h 15mins
  • Unit 2962 AS The ScientificDomain1h 15mins
  • Unit 2963 AS The Scientific Domain Coursework
  • Unit 2964 AS The Social Domain 1h 15mins
  • Unit 2965 A2 The Scientific & Cultural Domain 1h 30mins
  • Unit 2966 A2 The Social Domain 2 1h 30mins
  • Unit 2967 A2 The Social Domain 2 Coursework *Unit 2968 A2 Culture, Science and Society 1h 30mins

AS Level[edit]

AS General Studies OCR
AS General Studies Edexcel
AS General Studies AQA A
AS General Studies AQA B

A2 Level[edit]

A2 General Studies OCR
A2 General Studies Edexcel
A2 General Studies AQA A
A2 General Studies AQA B