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How many people follow Wicca?[edit]

About 800 thousand.

Where is Wicca practiced?[edit]

Wicca is practiced mainly in the United States and the United Kingdom.

What are the main beliefs of Wicca?[edit]

Wicca is a very interesting religion. It is very eclectic, meaning that there are many different versions of it. Most people who practice Wicca believe in spirits, mystical creatures, elements, and multiple gods and goddesses. Many women find comfort in Wicca, and one of the main reasons for this is because feminine energy and spirit is largely represented. There is even a version of Wicca that only represents female energy and spirit. As previously stated, there are many versions of Wicca. To every person who practices it, it is unique. It's like going to a candy shop with a box to hold all the candy you want in it, and you pick out only the pieces you like. Wicca is so vast, and many people only choose parts of it to practice. In Wicca, you can incorporate other religions into it. It is a very flexible religion.

What texts does Wicca hold sacred?[edit]

What are some main holidays and practices of Wicca?[edit]

Wiccans celebrate festivals which happen throughout the year. These holidays are called Sabbats. One festival, called 'Imbolc', is on January 31st or February 1st and is to celebrate the first day of Spring. 'Beltane' is held on May 1st or April 31st.

What is the history of Wicca?[edit]

Who are some famous people who have practiced Wicca?[edit]

What is a story from Wicca?[edit]