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The flag of Kosovo.
Map showing location of Kosovo in Europe (small green dot)

Kosovo is a small country in south-eastern Europe. It shares borders with Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia. The capital city is Pristina. Kosovo is not part of the European Union but uses the Euro as its currency. Kosovo is only recognised as an independent country by about half of the countries in the world - other countries consider it to be a province of Serbia.

Kosovo's History[edit]

Until 2008 Kosovo was part of Serbia, previously it had been part of Serbia and Montenegro and before that a part of Yugoslavia. Kosovo declared itself independent in 2008.


Yugoslavia — Between the end of World War 1 and the early 1990s Yugoslavia was a country in south-eastern Europe. It consisted of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia and Slovenia. Serbia contained two provinces: Vojvodina and Kosovo. Yugoslavia collapsed in the 1990s after violent civil wars in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and latter attacks by Serbia on Kosovo which was stopped by NATO.

Pristina, the capital of Kosovo

Kosovo's Geography[edit]

Girls in Kosovo

Kosovo has many rivers, lakes and forests. There is one national park: Šar Mountains National Park.

Kosovo's People[edit]

The population of Kosovo is 1.7 million. Kosovan Albanians make up about 90 percent of the population. Serbians are the largest minority group. The main religons are Islam and Christians (both Orthodox and Catholic). It is not clear how many people follow these religions because census don't ask these questions.

The official language of Kosovo is Albanian. A minority speak Serbian.

Kosovo's Sights[edit]

Further Reading[edit]

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