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Classroom Projects
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Please read Wikibooks:Guidelines for class projects. This page is a listing of all class and group projects that are using wikibooks to collaboratively write textbooks and instructional materials.

We ask that all new class projects include the following information:
  1. Subject The basic subject of your book, such as "Physiology", or "Algebra"
  2. Wikibook The title of your book, such as Human Physiology, or Algebra.
  3. Educational Setting The type of class or group editing the book. Such as a highschool class, or a seniors group
  4. Dates The timeframe for the project. Classes typically are only in session for a finite amount of time.
  5. Moderator The username of the group leader here on wikibooks. Every group should have a leader (classes, for instance, have a teacher).
  6. Comments Additional comments about the book, requests for specific types of help, etc.

Basic Writing[edit]

  1. Subject Basic Writing: Process and Practice
  2. Wikibook Basic_Writing
  3. Educational Setting University graduate seminar class in writing theory
  4. Dates January - May 2007, with some additional work possible later
  5. Moderator User:Llcadle
  6. Comments With luck, this will be a usable text for our university's ENG 100 course.


  1. Subject: Geometry
  2. Wikibook: Geometry
  3. Group: High School Class
  4. Time Period: Jan - June 2007
  5. Moderator:User:Forrestbrinker
  6. Comments: New to Wikiland would appreciate help


  1. Subject: Trigonometry
  2. Wikibook:
  3. Group: High School Class
  4. Time Period:Jan - June 2007
  5. Moderator: User:Forrestbrinker
  6. Comments: New to Wikiland would appreciate help


  1. Subject Proteomics
  2. Wikibook Proteomics
  3. Educational Setting Rochester Institute of Technology Undergraduate course
  4. Dates March 2006 - Present
  5. Moderator User:Guiltyblade
  6. Comments We hope to introduce a free online text book available to anyone interested, and eventually use it to teach the proteomics course at RIT.

Capitalism in Crisis[edit]

  1. Subject History
  2. Wikibook Capitalism in Crisis
  3. Educational Setting High School class
  4. Dates May 2007
  5. ModeratorUser:LBotha

Applied History of Psychology[edit]

  1. Subject History of Psychology
  2. Wikibook Applied History of Psychology
  3. Educational Setting Graduate course
  4. Dates May-June 2007
  5. ModeratorYasya, Michelferrari

Cultural Anthropology[edit]

  1. Subject Cultural Anthropology
  2. Wikibook Cultural Anthropology
  3. Educational Setting Undergraduate course
  4. Dates January -June 2009
  5. ModeratorUser:Paul James, Western Washington University
  6. Comments The goal is to involve many undergraduate students in the expansion of content in the existing wikibook.

How to Write a Good Book for Children[edit]

  1. Subject Creative Writing
  2. Wikibook How to Write a Good Book for Children
  3. Educational Setting Elementary school
  4. Dates May-June 2007 and onwards
  5. Moderator Yasya
  6. Comments This is an introduction to the large scale project on creative writing and a longutidinal educational study

Embedded Control Systems Design[edit]

  1. Subject Control systems, embedded systems, system engineering
  2. Wikibook Embedded Control Systems Design
  3. Educational Setting Graduate-level University
  4. Dates
  5. Moderator User:Bruyninc

BBI 3215 Psycholinguistics[edit]

1. Subject: BBI 3215 Psycholinguistics

2. Wikibook: Psycholinguistics

3. Educational Setting: Students from the class of BBI 3215 Psycholinguistics, July 2007/2008.

4. Dates: July 2007 - November 2007

5. Moderator: Dr. Tan Bee Hoon



1. Subject: Catholic Sacraments

2. Wikibook: Tentatively: Sacraments

3. Educational Setting: Sophomore Class in High School

4. Dates: First Semester 2007-2008

5. Moderator: Paulett

6. Comments: New to this--would appreciate all help!! Thanks!!

An introduction to antiracist activism for teachers and students[edit]

1. Subject Education

2. Wikibook An Introduction to Antiracist Activism for Teachers and Students

3. Educational Setting Undergraduate college students

4. Dates 2007-08

5. Moderator User:Sanlaw33

6. Comments An introductory text for students who want to learn about antiracist activists and the work they do.

Enjoy Tokyo[edit]

1. Course Title : Computer Application in Education II

2. Enjoy Tokyo

3. Educational Setting : Undergraduate college students

4. Dates : 2007 Fall Term

5. Moderator User:isjung

6. Six undergraduate students will participate in this Wikibook project.

Teaching Elementary School Health Education[edit]

  1. Subject Health Methods Course for Elementary School
  2. Wikibook Teaching Elementary School Health Education
  3. Educational Setting University course in health methods for elementary school
  4. Dates August to December 2007, with some additional work possible later
  5. Moderator User:Ace320
  6. Comments New to wikibooks.

Emerging Instructional Technologies[edit]

  1. Subject: Instructional Technology
  2. Title: Emerging Instructional Technologies
  3. Educational Setting: University class in Instructional Technology (Graduate and Undergraduate)
  4. Dates: December, 2007
  5. Moderator: User:Zeitz
  6. Comments: This wikibook collaboration is the culmination of group work in our class. The students in groups specialized in selected areas of emerging technologies and led the rest of the class in research, discussion, instruction, exploration and final assignment for evaluation.


  1. Subject Metabolomics
  2. Wikibook Metabolomics
  3. Educational Setting Rochester Institute of Technology Undergraduate Metabolism course
  4. Dates January 2008 - Present
  5. Moderator User:pac8612
  6. Comments The way we teach metabolism is changing, with a much greater focus on the metabolic intermediates and the flux of these intermediates in the cell. This project is designed to supplement the traditional teaching of metabolism by first compiling resources and definitions, then moving on to a full textbook. We anticipate having a full textbook by the fall of 2010.

Introduction to Physical Science[edit]

  1. Subject Physical Science
  2. Wikibook Introduction to Physical Science
  3. Educational Setting 2 Sections of Clarion University of Pennsylvania Physical Science course
  4. Dates January 2008 - May 2008
  5. Moderator User:J.M.Pearce
  6. Comments Phys Sci 112 is a basic university level physical science course. The students will be adding material to the Physical Science wikibook throughout the semester. Rather than work on primary contents - we will be generating numerous practice problems and solutions for future contributors to incorporate into the appropriate sections. For now we will host all questions divided into categories in the Appendix. My goal is to help students master the material by participating in this new and very exiting form of peer instruction- while at the same time improving the Physical Science Wikibook to the point that it can be used as a primary text.

Introduction to Information Literacy in the K12 Classroom[edit]

  1. Subject Education K12 Information Literacy
  2. Wikibook The title Introduction to Information Literacy in the K12 Classroom
  3. Educational Setting K12 Teachers
  4. Dates The timeframe for the project: Semester long (continuation)
  5. Moderator The username of the group leader User_talk:Teresacoffman
  6. Comments Additional comments Any comments or assistance would be helpful. This will be a class project that will continue throughout several semesters. The goal is to build a useful book for teachers to learn and explore information literacy in the digital age

K-12 School Computer Networking[edit]

  1. Subject: Educational Tecnology
  2. Wikibook: K-12_School_Computer_Networking
  3. Group: Graduate Level Education
  4. Time Period: July 2008 onwards
  5. Moderator:User:Tterrill
  6. Comments: Help welcomed. Students are new to the wiki environment.

Handbook for Doctoral Students in Education[edit]

This is intended for doctoral students in education who are starting to work on the literature review part of their dissertations. We will begin on August 29, 2008, and continue indefinitely. Participants will share strategies, tips, sources, and problems they encounter in the process of writing lit reviews.

Moderator: Alexander M. Sidorkin, username sidorkin

This is a University of Northern Colorado class, but we welcome other people with similar interests or in similar classes.

Algebra wikibooks[edit]

  1. Subject High School Algebra
  2. Wikibook OLPC - Algebra 1 in Simple English
  3. Educational Setting High School students in Lebanon Area Homeschoolers
  4. Dates Aug- Nov. 2008, with some additional work possible later
  5. Moderator User:Cswadley
  6. Comments We did not create this book, but we are hoping to make this Algebra book more complete.

Costume History[edit]

  1. Subject Costume History
  2. Wikibook Title Costume History
  3. Educational Setting Intro to Costume Design, Pacific University, Forest Grove, Oregon
  4. Dates The timeframe for the project: Fall Semester 2008 - ends December 10th
  5. Moderator Caitlin Quinn, Costume Design Teacher
  6. Comments We are all new to this, so we might need a little help with how to cite our visual research; Any help my students can get with that would be greatly appreciated!

Consumer Behavior in Travel and Tourism[edit]

1. Subject HTM3121

2. Wikibook Title Consumer Behavior in Travel and Tourism

3. Educational Setting School of Hotel & Tourism Management, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

4. Dates The timeframe for the project: Semester 1 2008 - ends December 10th

5. Moderator Dr Ada Lo, Assistant Professor, SHTM

6. Comments A new approach to group projects


  1. Subject: Educational Technology
  2. Wikibook: Constructivism_&_Technology
  3. Group: Graduate Education Class
  4. Time Period: Jan - June 2009
  5. Moderator:User:Thinkglobalnow
  6. Comments: The 10 class members are writing this wikiBook.
  1. Subject: Computer Information Systems in Education.
  2. Wikibook Computer Information Systems in Education.
  3. Educational Setting 4 year college, Webster University in St. Louis MO
  4. Dates The timeframe for the project. January to May 2009 - Other groups of students will work on this throughout semester.
  5. Moderator The username, basiyr
  6. Comments, I am getting much help from the community and moderators.

Strategy for Information Markets[edit]

In Fall semester 2009, I taught a class on "Information Economics and the Internet". The class worked on the book Strategy for Information Markets. It's only a beginning, so I'm intending to continue the books with new students in the same course for Fall semester 2010.

  1. Subject: Economics, particularly economics for information goods and IT-mediated markets
  2. Educational Setting: Upper division university economics course
  3. Dates: Fall semester 2010, formal class involvements ends December 8, 2010
  4. Moderator: TDang, course instructor

Social Research Methods[edit]

  1. Subject: Social Research Methods
  2. Wikibook: Social Research Methods
  3. Educational Setting: college undergraduate
  4. Dates: January-April 2010
  5. Moderator: User:Piotrus
  6. Comments: I have run several courses teaching with Wikipedia (see w:Wikipedia:School and university projects/User:Piotrus). I am looking forward to expanding my horizons on Wikibooks. Comments and advice from more experienced wikibook teachers highly appreciated (on my talkpage). See also: course page. --Piotrus (talk) 21:24, 2 December 2009 (UTC)

Theatre History[edit]

  • Title: The History of Western Theatre: Greeks to Elizabethans
  • Educational Setting: undergraduate class
  • Timeframe: ongoing, most active during spring semesters (January to May)
  • Moderator: Dr. Scott E. Walters (walt828)
  • Comments: The students in my class welcome any assistance offered.

US History AP[edit]

  1. Subject United States History
  2. Wikibook US History AP
  3. Educational Setting Mr. G's AP High School Course
  4. Dates March 2010 - May 2010
  5. Moderator User:Ccagrawal
  6. Comments We hope to create a full review of United States History, which could supplement or serve as a complete AP study guide. We welcome outside assistance.

Psychology: Human Sexuality & Gender[edit]

  1. Subject Psychology: Human Sexuality & Gender
  2. Wikibook Psychology: Human Sexuality & Gender
  3. Setting The educational setting is a 100-level college class.
  4. Dates September through mid-December, though it is possible this project will extend to future classes.
  5. Moderator Irishflowrpowr and Walker_psy153.
  6. Comments The book will contain information about cultural, historical, and research perspectives on sexual psychology and developmental and social perspectives on gender. Obviously, any Wiki does not belong to any particular person, but it would be more than appreciated if whatever is entered by myself or the students in this class would not be deleted by other contributors as the students will be tested over this material. Any and all help regarding Wikitext and Wikimarkup would certainly be appreciated as I cannot seem to quite understand it, when I am able to focus on what it's trying to tell me to do. I'm very quickly trying to figure it out. Obviously, I don't have it down for right here.

Engineering Acoustics[edit]

Started in 2005 by Luc Mongeau, instructor in acoustics at Purdue University, along with the students registered in the course. Continued in the fall of 2008 by the same instructor, now moved to McGill University. The project is entering its third round of revisions in fall 2010. The course is Mech 510: Engineering Acoustics. Seventeen students are registered and will contribute to the wikibook for a semester project grade in the fall semester.


Human Geography AP[edit]

  1. Subject Geography
  2. Wikibook The title Human Geography AP
  3. Educational Setting High school AP Human Geography students and teachers
  4. The timeframe for the project: ongoing
  5. Moderator User_talk:Abendl
  6. Additional comments Any comments or assistance would be helpful. This will be an ongoing project that will continue through the 2011-12 school year. The goal is to build textbook that incorporates all the content areas into one textbook. We will also be looking for media contributions.

Bestiary of Behavioral Economics[edit]

  1. Subject Economics, particularly behavioral economics, which runs into psychology and social psychology a lot, and is often reliant on experimental economics.
  2. Wikibook The title Bestiary of Behavioral Economics
  3. Educational Setting Intermediate university economics course, a few honors students
  4. The timeframe for the project Fall semester 2011, formal class involvements ends December 8, 2011
  5. Moderator TDang, course instructor
  6. Additional comments The goal is going to be brief introductions to many issues within behavioral economics, written so that someone with an introduction to intermediate microeconomic theory can appreciate it, but going for breadth rather than depth.

General Economics[edit]

  • Subject General Economics
  • Wikibook The title General Economics
  • Educational Setting High School
  • The Timeframe March 2012 through June 2013.
  • Moderator EconteacherMaryB, the teacher of the economics book at Henry Sibley High School in West St. Paul, Minnesota.
  • Comments and assistance are welcome.

Trends and Innovations for K-12 Ed Tech Leaders[edit]

  1. Subject: Educational Technology
  2. Wikibook: Trends and Innovations for K-12 Ed Tech Leaders
  3. Educational Setting: Graduate course
  4. Dates: Fall 2012 and will continue in future semesters
  5. Moderator: User:Herobook
  6. Comments: Any comments or suggestions are welcome. The goal of this wikibook project is to collect trends and innovations that K-12 educational technology leaders should know and hope to keep the book content up-to-date with the power of collaboration and wiki open content.

1.Subject:Fundamentals of Human Nutrition 2.Wikibook:Fundamentals of Human Nutrition [Link] 3.Educational Setting:This wikibook is part of the Coursera course, Fundamentals of Human Nutrition. Students enrolled in the Coursera course will be permitted to contribute to the book as part of the active learning within the course. The wikibook project will be offered to those students participating in the synthesis of learning level within the course. 4.Dates:This course will run starting January 2012 onward. 5.Moderator:Dr. Von Castel-Roberts

Patient Safety and Quality Care in Nursing[edit]

   Subject : Nursing
   Wikibook: User:Tetoncrest
   Educational Setting: Graduate Nursing Course, University 
   Dates The timeframe for the project: January 2013- ongoing
   Moderator: User:tetoncrest 
   Comments: This book will be edited by students from the class.

Research and Practice on Technology in Teacher Education[edit]

  • Subject:Technology in Teacher Education
  • Wikibook The title: Research and Practice on Technology in Teacher Education.
  • Educational Setting: Higher Education
  • Dates:June 2013.
  • Moderator: User:Evrimb

Introduction to Select Irish Literature and Film[edit]

  • Subject: Irish literature and film
  • Wikibook: Introduction to Select Irish Literature and Film
  • Educational Setting: University class, upper year
  • Dates: Fall 2013 - completion by December 3
  • Moderator: Dr. Sara Humphreys
  • Comments: We hope this book will be useful for high school, first year, and second year university students

Network coding[edit]

  1. Subject: Network coding
  2. Wikibook: A First Course to Network Coding
  3. Educational Setting: Undergratuate Final Year Project
  4. Dates: Nov 2013 - May 2014
  5. Moderator: Chung Chan

Digital Media and Culture Yearbook 2014[edit]

1. Subject Digital Cultures

2. Wikibook Digital Media and Culture Yearbook 2014

3. Educational Setting Undergraduate Module FMS9A4, University of Stirling

4. Dates March and April 2014

5. Moderator GregXenon01 (discusscontribs)

6. Comments Users new to Wikipedia and related projects. Part of an Educational Assignment. Students will be working in groups of 5 towards individual and group assessment. The aim of this assessment is to get students working at different levels - as individual researchers, as research teams, and as research communities. That is to say: producing knowledge; collaboration and sharing; and peer-reviewing the work of others for the good of the community. Each group will work on a chosen theme, integrating their independent research with (fully cited) lecture materials and independent study.

Manga Study Guide: Barefoot Gen.[edit]

Leader: Jasonu1. 

Middle School project dealing with the conventions of Japanese manga in the context of peace studies. First time users.