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Well, my username is Soeb (not a real name!). Use my talk page to tell me something.

Personal Information[edit]

So as I said my username is Soeb, and my real name is Stanisław Gackowski. I'm here since March 2008 (18th to be exact) and that's all. I live in Czech Republic from summer of 2007, but in fact I'm from Poland. I'm actually willing to contribute a bit more here, but due to school (or rather laziness ;-) (yeah, really!)) it's quiet not possible. You can probably find me in some other projects too (non-wiki projects I mean). As wrote below I can help with some things, just ask really.

Working on[edit]

  • GIMP - I'm trying to keep the book up to date and also sometimes to write some new articles;
  • from time to time general counter-vandalism work, some minor updates to some books;
  • nothing more right now;

Need help?[edit]

Do you need help with screenshots? No problem, as long as it is an open-source application available for GNU/Linux. Or you need some simple symbols redone in svg? Well, I can do that to. Just leave me a message on my talk page. If I won't answer for more than one day, send me an email.


Soeb at wikipedia - my userpage at Wikipedia
Soeb at commons - my userpage at Wikimedia Commons - my account at Launchpad

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