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My Wikistress Meter
Smart meets Smith

Hi I am Smartsmith, I am a native speaker of Sinhalese and Bahasa Indonesia because of my mixed heritage but I suck at speaking them. Nowadays I speak mainly English and also learn Malay(Bahasa Melayu). I also learn Chinese as a Third Language.I have been using Wikipedia for about 2 years mainly for research in my studies. I became a member in early 2005. I am currently studying in the Gifted Education Programme in Singapore). I am keen in Biology therefore I am interested in Sci-Fi movies. So far I have contributed more than 100 times to wikipedia articles mostly editing the same page a few times. I also like LIVESTRONG headbands(the first wikipedia article which I created)now it is on the end of this page as the original page was deleted. I have also created the Pear Garden page about the Pear Garden opera troupe, which was formed during the Tang Dynasty. I also contributed the book '1984' by George Orwell, in wikibooks but i contributed the first chapter without creating an account so it shows my IP adress.