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At Wikimania 2007 in Taipei. Care of user:Joi.

Welcome to my user page. For more details, or to get in touch by email, please visit me on Wikipedia or Meta.

About me[edit]

I loved the main page design as of mid-2009. I am interested in the multilingualism and naming conventions of this project, and hope to get more people to come work on language texts in German and Spanish.

Interesting projects[edit]

  • Adding cheatsheets and summaries of programming languages, as Oracle Programming/SQL Cheatsheet, ASP Notes, TCL and ADP, ...
  • Cleaning up Orphans and the Cookbook; fixing talk page redirects and interwiki deletions
  • Uploading the Whole Earth Catalog and making it editable. See User:Sj/Whole Earth Catalog for a start. Improving the old content with modern information about the same texts and categories. (free copyright license granted by original publishers, Steward Brand/Kevin Kelly. Copies of 5 volumes donated for scanning.)
  • The reading room archives need some cleaning up again... to cull out good project ideas and combine them into a persistent thread/idea-page.
  • Outreach: Someone needs to follow up with each of the external authors who have considered publishing on Wikibooks, and those free-content authors who have not. There are many free-content text generators, from ck12 to Ben Crowell, whose books are not represented on WB... if this can't be fixed immediately, there should be a wikiproject discussing reasons and options.
  • Add CK12 books from before they switched licenses to CC-NC.
  • Similarly: add transcripts of Khan videos from before they switched licenses
  • Get the Light and Matter book series on Wikibooks
  • Get professors and universities that are putting CC-BY and CC-SA material online to synch those efforts with Wikibooks (or give us programmatic access, and build scripts to maintain a version here).

Older projects:

  • Getting Blogging 101 folks to migrate their wiki here.
  • Getting interesting source materials for wikibooks onto wikisource for cross-Project collab.