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My main interests here are:

I'm a Wikipedian, Wikian, and Appropedian:

  • Appropedia profile. For appropriate technology, development & sustainability issues that aren't suitable for Wikipedia (e.g. how-to's, original research).

For more info about me, see my homepage.

What's in my Wikibooks userspace[edit]

  • Learning techniques - focused on mnemonics. These are things I find useful - feel free to draw on this, e.g. if doing something for Wikibooks.
  • Recipes and cooking tips. I believe in good food - taste, satisfaction, and nutrition. I'm not really compatible with Cookbook on Wikibooks (I want original recipes and a rating system, whereas Cookbook is more like a textbook of standard recipes), so I'll eventually move it somewhere else, such as Communipes.

Conversations I'm keeping an eye on[edit]