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Hardback cover of Ellen Foster
  1. Ellen's mother dies from a self imposed overdose of medication. Ellen's father refuses to take his wife to the hospital making him partly to blame for the death.
  2. Ellen is repeatedly sexually and physically abused by her father and his cronies. This forces Ellen to frequently seek refuge in the house of Starletta and her family.
  3. Ellen's teacher finds signs of physical abuse on Ellen's arm and she reports this. As a result, Ellen is sent to live with the art teacher Julia and her husband Roy, who are both hippies.
  4. Ellen's grandmother sucessfully battles for and gains custody of Ellen in court and Ellen goes to live with this cruel and bitter woman.
  5. While Ellen is staying at her grandmother's house, she learns of her father's death but she is not very sad. Her grandmother is angry at this and tells Ellen never to cry again.
  6. After Ellen's grandmother dies, Ellen is sent to live with her aunt Nadine, and her cousin Dora who are condescending and rude to Ellen.
  7. Ellen arrives at her "new mama's" house where she has good food and positive relationships with the other members of the family.
  8. Starletta comes to visit Ellen and Ellen tells Starletta that she loves her and she is sorry that she judged her by her the color of her skin.

These are my predictions for Ellen's future:

  1. Ellen graduates high school and goes to college (paid for by her foster parents).
  2. At college, Ellen falls in love with a man who is an African American.
  3. After Ellen graduates from college, she gets a job as a social worker.
  4. She has a child and she names it Starletta.

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