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Ideas needed to flesh out the TI-Lists book.[edit]

Special features of the TI calculators[edit]

Ans variable
How to navigate the menus
Storing values
Fixing the STAT edit page when it gets messed up
Setting the numeric format
Where in the math menus are the math functions
and what do they do
Programming supplements

Things that work differently from the TI-83 on the TI-86 and the TI-89[edit]

Applications of list arithmetic[edit]

Solving equations with two answers
Quadratic Eq
Law of Sines triangles finding two sides
Reducing fractions
Solving systems of equations slowly

Graphing examples for TI-Lists[edit]

Families of graphs
Use {1,-1} for plus and minus in conics
Envelopes and midlines for sinusiodal curves

Programming examples for TI-Lists[edit]

Implementing data structures

Advanced stuff for TI-Lists[edit]

Names for lists other than L1 thru L6
Lists and matrices
Complex numbers in lists