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I am the lotusduck.

I am feverently overjoyed by the how-to section here, and the language section. Learning is for everyone.

I am adding to botany some transitions and contrasts evolution-wise between the articles. I will likely be actively editing and adding to that and the wikipedia articles related to it until Christmas, when my botany class ends and I have far less need to study botany.

I have started Tagalog/Lesson 1 with my mom. Lessons are basically copied from french (with the french replaced with tagalog) for want of ideas of what to teach. She is a native from Manila, and we will be recording her saying the things on the module shortly. We don't know anyone who speaks another Philippine language. Sorry! Do you? Seriously, somebody help, or try to learn tagalog or something. I need input. And help.

For the time being my contributions will be more academic than book arts, because I'm just a little wound up in all this ecology business. But consider this to be an official to-do: it is absolutely neccessary that there is a developed wiki page for people to learn and share bookbindings. I will do diagrams of slightly more complicated japanese stab bindings, and find my stiff leaf book I made so I can remember how that goes.

Finally, I find the Arts Dance section to be a potential to free people that just want to learn something and get some exercise from being conned by some of those expensive dance videos. As such, I am recruiting an extremely good dancer I know to make videoclips and articles on various dance forms. Expect some small changes and additions to dance pages in the meantime, and videoclips and expanded descriptions over witer break.