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My name is Lilious. I'm a plant biologist working on root development using molecular biology techniques as well as fluorescence microscopy and i'm thinking to write about some of this subjects in wikibooks. I opened recently the Wikiversity of Plant Sciences to replace the former wikiversity of Botany which was empty. I plan to : developp the existing wikibook of Botany and set up the Wikiversity of Plant Sciences to provide :

  • free of right teaching material made by wikiversity teachers
  • links to some teaching ressources available on the web for students who want to learn more
  • links to online ressources for plant scientists, such as databases, journals, tools for molecular biology, imaging, freewares... This ressource should be good enough to become a reference portal that can attract academic plant scientists to the wiki-world and incitate them to participate.
  • web-based bibliography review with references, made and continuously updated by the wikiversity community. This will done on topics of particular interest in order to provide material to write specific sections of the wikibook of Botany
  • Upload my personal reviews on fluorescence et genetic techniques, root gravitropism, hormones, lateral root development both as an online version as well as a pdf version.

I created this personal page by cut/paste from User:Cormaggio and w:User:Seth_Ilys pages which are well formated. So some links might not be relevant to me and will disappear soon

Pages to submit for deletion[edit]

to submit for deletion (redundant page)

redundant with Editing Plant Sciences:RootDev:Root cap

Spelling mistake in the title. Moved the page to Plant_Sciences:Teaching_Resources

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Research on Wikipedia:[edit]

Misc Links[edit]

  • Online biology book, good example to follow for wikibooks

  • tutorial about roots, nice root pictures.

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Coordination of all Wikimedia projects

A multilingual encyclopedia

A multilingual dictionary and thesaurus

A collection of quotations

Free source documents

A directory of biological species


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