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I just copy/pasted my page from wikipedia

What Wikipedia Means to Me[edit]

Hey there fellow Wikipedians. I stumbled onto wikipedia sometime in September of 2004 and have been an active member ever since. Obviously the idea of what we are creating here is something really special even though some may not realize it. The idea of creating a society of so many unique individuals and to share the wealth of knowledge that these individuals posess is really extraordinary. To be a member of such a society makes one feel important as they are a part of something so tremendously large. Hopefully there are others who feel the same way, and can understand the importance of what we are doing and creating.

I am also a co-owner of [1]


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Major Edits

My Creations

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Me, Myself, and I[edit]

Ok, so in case you havn't guessed my real name is Lars which comes from a Danish backgound. I have in fact lived in Denmark for short periods of time throughout my life (hence the editing on Cuisine of Denmark). In addition to Denmark I have spent quite a bit of time in southern France and happen to currently live in British Columbia, Canada. My major interest is biology but my passion is food. I currently am employed in the wireless telecommunications industry.

Other things i like: novels, the natural and super-natural, scary/horror films, geography, the universe, technology, Civilization III for pc, and oh ya, Wikipedia.

Links I Use Frequently[edit]

Wkijunior stuff[edit]