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KW Kirt Walker Personal Page[edit]

Kirt Walker, MEE, MD, FAAEM Houston, Texas

I am joining Paris Lovett in development of the Emergency Medicine Wikibook OCTEM, the Open Source Textbook of Emergency Medicine as it gets off the ground in May 2005.

I am a practicing emergency physician in Houston, Texas and long-time health informatician - fascinated with the develoment of tools to assist in the practice of medicine and emergency medicine specifically.

I am a Rice Electrical Engineer (1970) who went to medical school to find something interesting to do with computers. I love programming these machines to do interesting things. Most recently I am finishing another masters degree in health informatics at the School of Health Information Sciences (SHIS)

I can be reached at kirt at hal- (remove white space)

Special Projects in OCTEM:

LLSA Paper Summaries
OCTEM Organization  - Structuring Articles & Pages - Stencils
       and discussion of OCTEM Development, Goals.