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Greetings. I've noticed some vandalism coming from your IP address. Any further vandalism will be reverted. Please cease to continue your atrocious behavior, or your IP address will be recorded on the Wikipedia:Vandalism in progress page. Website defacement is a crime in numerous countries, and you can rest assured that if you do not stop vandalizing pages after being warned, you will likely be blocked. Trying to evade this IP block to continue vandalising is useless, since somebody will report you to your ISP.

We've all worked hard to make Wikipedia what it is today. A study by IBM showed that the majority of vandalism on wikipedia is repaired within the next 5 minutes, so your actions are feckless, and only serve to put you at risk. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a note on my talk page.

If you decide to change your behavior, your contributions will be greatly appreciated- regardless of what your previous behavior was.