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Emad Kayyam
عماد قيّام
File:Portrait for Emad Kayyam.jpg
Emad Kayyam Portrait Picture
Born Emad Kayyam
26 January 1975 (1975-01-26) (age 39)
w:Amman, w:Jordan
Other names Tiger wood
Years active 1998–present
Spouse Stephanie Reed (Separated)

Emad Kayyam (born 26 January 1975) is a Jordanian Independent Multidisciplinary Researcher, Scientific Writer, w:Science fiction Novelist, science Artist, w:Creative director & Medical Doctor.

Accidentally in 1998 he is the first one in this world and for the first time noticed and observed that the tilt of the Eyeball is similar to the tilt of our planet Earth which is 23.5 degrees of Arc. The same angular tilt which is 23.5 degrees of their central axes from the axes of their orbits later on helps him to interpret the mechanism of function of Stonehenge Circa.

Emad Kayyam Practical Painting - Mercury
Emad Kayyam Dream Work 3A

He is known for his roles in the Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary science and for his many observations and novel insights in the human body and the Universe as in "Human Eye Solar Earth Analogy as a Stonehenge Code", "Travel through Time by Riding the Sound", ''Atmospheric Model of the Eye ball Earth", "Atlantis & the Pillars of Hercules" & many more. He recently declared in many occasions that he is working hard from many years in a regular intervals to find a certain connection that link between w:Hydrogen peroxide heavy water cycle in the body with certain mechanism that happen in the Acute Toxic radiation.

Early life[edit]

Kayyam was born in w:Amman, w:Jordan. His father, Omar Kayyam, was a Pilot in Royal Jordanian Air Force who fly on different Air jets like the w:Lockheed C-130 Hercules aircraft for more than twenty years then become a civilian commercial flight pilot in Royal Jordanian air line w:Airbus A310 & w:Airbus A340. His father made many sacrifices to help him in completing his scientific career, and his mother was a Teacher who also study and wrote Pieces of prose & short paragraph reviews, She always expecting big things from him in the way of educational and communal leadership. [1][2] Emad as a little boy grow up in his early life in a military civil community until he finish his high school. After the high school he faces many obstacles and disappointments in his college life and he change his scientific field from the physics in the faculty of general science in w:University of Jordan to Medicine in "w:October 6 University" an outstanding egyption medical school which is under the supervision and full control of the w:Kasr El Aini Hospital / faculty of medicine w:Cairo University. This switch in science field and the hard life he faces in his undergraduate life greatly affect the way he think and deal with scientific facts. His teacher in surgery describes him as a highly intelligent perspective young man, talented and seeks the truth in all aspect of his life.

Dr. Emad Kayyam with his colleague in a conference picnic


In an unprecedented scientific never before has research by Doctor Emad Kayyam controversial and widely in the scientific community, because of the observations and minute notification, which revealed a similar relationship in the form of the human body in its anatomical sense to observe the universe is suitable to establish a new kind of concepts the kind of unity among Patterns of creation and construction of such presence.

At the level of being able in his applied research to show these forms and images of anatomical designs in the human body associated with the Earth and the Universe, did not know anyone before him have considered the one founded by his new kind science curricula based on descriptive and functional analysis of firm commitments between the human body And the Earth in the solar system.

This and it should be noted that Dr. Kayyam had to do research and the publication of the first called "Human Eye Solar Earth Analogy as a Stonehenge Code".[3][4] in the 31 - August of 2007 which speaks about club unexpected relationship and a strong similarity between eye ball and the Earth planet that showed a lot of observations Scientific covert perception as a two suspended spheroid bodies having an equally similar tilt in their orbits which in turn triggered a series of similar movements helped Dr. KAYYAM to develop innovative project explain the archaeological mechanism of action of "w:Stonehenge" build before the historical existence since about 4500 Years in w:Wiltshire - w:Britain and considered by archaeologists astronomical calendar.

Scheme for Human Eye Solar Earth Analogy as a Stonehenge Code – By Dr. Emad Kayyam

It was followed by Dr. Kayyam consideration to his second scientific research publication entitled: "The Universe and the Human Body". Showed the possibility of understanding the universe around us through the possibility of us understand what lies inside the human body as he review the relationship of human body with the universe through graphic metaphor shows Spiral "w:Andromeda Galaxy" gross physical characteristics similar to the shell like Cochlea in the human inner ear in the number of twist and the direction of loops.

After less than a year, Dr. Emad Kayyam discussed the third deployment called: "The Eye Ball and The Earth Ball: Model For Inverted Planetarium" or (opposite dome) where he discussed the existence of a primary and essential in the context of regulatory between the eye ball and the earth ball (through the parallels that he made between the central "Y" w:Axe of the Eye and the central "Z" Axe of the Earth)in the expanding unknown shape universe, establishing a starting point to learn directions in the universe through three-dimensional Cartesian reference points. He in other word describes a potential organizational context between the human eye ball and earth ball through the parallel relation ship.

Scheme for Eye ball & Earth ball Inverted Planetarium Model. By Dr. Emad Kayyam

On 5 October 2008, Dr. Kayyam discussed the deployment of the so-called "Human Eye: an Integrated w:Cartesian coordinate system of Time and Space"; which explains the navigation system which works through the Eye ball which put in the context of a regulatory system in parallel three dimensions with the a Earth ball and then Study group, which are eye ball rotator axes in the 3-D system linked to levels of fixed plane of the same muscles fibers-driven the action and compared these muscle plane levels and their rotational axes with sun light lines(angle of sun rise) accompanied by earth latitudes and longitudes and revealing that the spherical geographic coordinate system of Stonehenge location in the earth accompanied by solstices and w:equinox sun rises angles is similar to the eye ball wheel rotator muscles in there muscle fiber planes and axe of rotations which are 51° and 39° degrees respectively from the "Y" axe of the w:spherical coordinate system and hence hide a novel function that is presented in the illumination circle of the w:planet w:Earth!

Continued development to these new concepts was gained actually by the mathematic analysis of the static anatomic relationship of the eye ball extra ocular muscle utilizing the OPHTHALMOTROPE (a model of the eye ball in the orbit with straps and springs represented Extraocular muscles)related to a spherical coordinate system of the earth planet. Astronomical observations in Earth planet motion were compatible with w:eye ball model when movements in proximity to the primary position of both (earth and eye) were studied.

More evidence related to Stonehenge arrangement add credence in the astronomical situation after simulation of the Extraocular muscle axe of rotation, plane of muscle and movement with earth motion at a specific w:latitude and longitude.

From astrophysical point of view for the model that considered universe is spherical in shape, research has shown that the last adjustment, which links spherical Earth and the spherical universe around and spherical eye seems clear as the eye is a spherical organ because the Earth and the universe are spherical which explain how the eye to act with straight lines and curved lines (meridians) of the wheel rotation of the eye ball is taking place in the follow-up of straight lines are not observed at all in the follow-up on the curved lines, which is supposed to ring the universe - but it is interesting to know that research has shown that the eye consistent with the model flat universe as well, if that image in the curvature of the retina is flat with the model of the universe flat, which can be seen in a bow of a retina With a radius of the universe, the fact that if the line was extended to the infinity if the Universe is not exactly spatially flat, the spatial curvature of the observable universe is close enough to zero to place the radius at approximately the horizon of the observable Universe or beyond.

Dr Kayyam also discuss his new idea and observation that he discovered about the travel through time in his Report/Research: "Travel through Time by Riding the Sound [5] which point how the galaxies in our Universe are arranged in w:Hubble sequence (Hubble tuning fork) since a very early time "w:big bang" until now; Spiral then Lenticular then Elliptical in the same way that our bony connected spaces in the internal w:Ear, w:Cochlea (spiral in shape) then w:Saccule (Lenticular in shape) then w:Utricle (Elliptical in shape) are arranged the same sequence too, which may amplified by certain machine to travel through time across the whole w:Universe by a sound wave the same way this sound wave travel through these internal Ear small organs that is exactly similar with the 3 major type of the above mentioned galaxies.

Physics of Sound Sensory System of the Inner Ear & Space Time Continuum - By Doctor Emad kayyam

Dr Emad publish his "Emad Kayyam Atmospheric Model of the Eye ball Earth" [6][7] which discuss his new view about the evolution of atmosphere since 360 million years (the 3rd atmosphere) and how the Earth when at that time is an aqua planet (big open sea) and how our first land develop "birth of the Arabian Peninsula" and the development of the Red sea and how the amphibians start at this time to walk on this peninsula and develop an accessory lacrimal system for tears in there eyes to avoid dry eyes and how this system with the nasal cavities around along with the eye ball is similar to the Red sea and Arabian peninsula along with the Mediterranean basin and Africa.

It should be noted that Dr. Emad Kayyam is an independent researcher from Jordan holds a Diploma in human medicine from Cairo, He has published his research in the Journal of PHILICA based in the United Kingdom, one of the new generation online scientific magazine for publication by the arbitrator of scientific peer review-style transparent ratification. Then he publishes his research and observation in many internet sites and Journals.

After receiving a detailed peer reviewed report on three of Doctor Emad Kayyam Manuscript articles named: "Human Eye Solar Earth Analogy as a Stonehenge Code", "The Universe and the Human Body" & "Emad Kayyam Atmospheric Model of the Eye ball Earth" Photon Journal & Foundation through a panel of eight international reviewers from USA, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Argentina, Japan and Australia. The said matter has been placed in the meeting of Board of Editors held on 13 March, 2013 at Photon Foundation & it is decided that Manuscripts can be published along with Reviewers Recommendations. [8] so they can inter Photon Innovations-2013. The highly versatile Global Project which connects world's top most leaders, academicians, scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs and organizations towards filtration of World's Path Breaking Research Articles and Discoveries. The project incubates milestone & cutting edge research and discoveries for the year 2013 which have potential to catalyze the domain. The Global Project awards the scientists with Photon Innovations-2013 Award who demonstrates the caliber to transform and catalyze the domain.

Travel through Time by Riding the Sound by the Author & Researcher Emad Kayyam.ogv


Documentary Film on You Tube Theme
Uploaded on May 30, 2011 Atmospheric Model of the Eye ball Earth The Atmosphere of Earth evolved in the same way the lacrimal system of tears in the human Eye start to evolve and also in the crosso-ptyregean fishes that become the first amphibians that walk on the first dry land that erupt from under the big sea of our ancient aqua planet.
Uploaded on June 2, 2011 Atlantes and the Pillars of Hercules Atlantis is proved to be exist according to a similarity between Red sea, Arabian Peninsula, Mediterranean basin, Africa & Atlantis Island with the different parts that construct our nasal cavities.
Uploaded on Jun 9, 2011 Human Eye Solar Earth Analogy as a Stonehenge Code. Interpretation of Stonehenge mechanism of function based on the similarity in tilt between the Eyeball and the earth ball which is 23.5 which is the primary factor for Earth season.
Uploaded on Jun 15, 2011 Travel through Time by riding the sound Travel through time that extend along the evolution of Hubble sequence of galaxies that resemble our internal Ear in shape providing that our internal Ear evolved from 3 Simi lunar canals that resemble the space that deliver the galaxies in Hubble sequence.
Upload June 25, 2011 The Eyeball and the Earth ball: Model for Inverted Planetarium the parallel between the two central axes of both: the Eye and the Earth establish a point of organization to frame a system in space for navigation.
Uploaded on Sep 19, 2011 MARS FACE _ EAR DRUM MOVIE --[9] New view and perspective to interpret the so called Martian Face by using the descriptive analysis.

Financial Disclosure[edit]

Doctor Emad Kayyam Multidisciplinary Research is a self effort Research this means that he did not receive any funding or support from any body also there is No role of any sponsors or funding institute in the design and conduct of the study, in the collection, analysis, and interpretation of the data, and in the preparation, review, or approval of the manuscript, scientific articles and illustrated image and diagrams that he did.


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| NAME =Kayyam Emad | ALTERNATIVE NAMES = Tigerwood | SHORT DESCRIPTION = Multidisciplinary Researcher | DATE OF BIRTH =26 January 1975 | PLACE OF BIRTH =w:Amman, w:Jordan }}

Emad Kayyam is a medical doctor from Jordan. Accidentally in 1998 he starts a new approach that stand on sharp observations in the human body system. By utilizing the analogy & descriptive analysis he succeed in reporting and addressing to an astonishing similar relation between the two suspended spheroid bodies from two different system (the Earth ball and the Eye ball) is that both of them share the same angular tilt which is 23.5 degrees of their central axes from the axes of their orbits that later on help him to interpret the mechanism of function of Stonehenge Circa. Wither this interpretation was in the mind and mentality of the ancient Stonehenge creator or this is a novel insight and recent interpretation, it seems until now that nobody is looking for or expecting a correlation such he propose, which make it difficult to find collaboration or support for further inquiry, thus he must fall back upon his convictions to pursue this approach further as what he did receive in a letter from the Harvard scientist Dr. Rudy Schild. He since that date hardly work in an independent believe that reach him to many novel insights as what he report in the sound sensory system of the Ear with the “Hubble Tuning Fork of Galaxies” and the geomorphology of “Plate Tectonics” with “nasal cavities and sinuses” in the human face! Because the Research Method that he develops cost just a fine analysis carried on by his keen observations considered a simplest of means to gather enormous amount of knowledge compared to the space exploration programs that cost millions he has no question to what he did as the theme is in the new data and information.

Human Eye Solar Earth Analogy as a Stonehenge Code[edit]

The Tilt of the Eye ball in the Orbit Similar to Planet Earth Tilt - (First one and First times Noticed, Observed & Reported by Dr. Emad Kayyam

Similarity Relation between Human Eye Ball & the Planet Earth Ball in Shape, Tilt & Motions. Observed, Designed and Prepared By Dr. Emad Kayyam

The Ground Track of the Sun and the Conjugate Eye Movement. Released By Dr. Emad Kayyam

Similarity Relation between Anatomical Human Eye ball & the Planet Earth ball in Stonehenge megalith interpretation - By Dr. Emad Kayyam

Full Description

Observations and Novel insight:

0- The Eye ball with its optic nerve is look like the Earth ball with its sun light bundle.

1- The Eye ball is similar to the Earth ball in a- shape b- tilt c- motion.

2- The tilt equal 23.5 degree angle of arc in both and responsible for a proved astronomical phenomena like earth seasons, summer & winter solstices in the earth ball.

3- Earth seasons summer & winter solstices can be presented by the apparent motion of the sun named the ground track of the Sun which primarily caused by the earth tilt.

4- The ground track of the sun which describes the pendulum-like motion of the sun in the ground (reflects the apparent motion of the sun in the horizontal plane) is similar to the conjugate eye movement in the horizontal plane as a result to the similarity between the Eye ball and Earth ball in there positions at the orbit and their similarity in shape and tilt and because the two motions described above work around the same Axe of rotation which are the "Z" Axe.

5- The horizontal plane of the conjugate Eye movement if taken as a section plane in the Eye ball will produce an Eye ball horizontally sectioned.

6- The horizontally sectioned Eye ball is similar to the design of Stonehenge Circa which located at latitude 51° north and proved by many academic missions to functions as an astronomical calendar predicts the summer, winter solstices and earth season which are phenomena produced by the earth tilt and can by presented and drawn in a graph by the ground track of the sun.

7- Stonehenge Circa locates at latitude 51° north ((the precise latitude where the angle between summer and winter solstices sun rises in the ground track of the sun which co-widened by the summer and winter solstices maximum moon rises almost equal the angle between the maximal limits of field of fixations of both Eyes in the conjugate Eye movements))

8- The astronomical phenomena produced by the earth tilt are predicted by something designed like an eye ball horizontally sectioned build a link between the Eye ball, the Earth ball and Stonehenge Circa.

9- The link can be described as follow; the earth tilt produces the astronomical phenomena which can be predicted by something look like an Eye ball horizontally sectioned because the Eye ball already similar to the Earth ball in shape, tilt and position in the orbit.

Logical Assumption: Actually if we suppose “A” is the eye ball with its optic nerve and “B” the earth ball with its sun light bundle then as the eye ball similar to the earth ball in shape and tilt -as we prove in the beginning of the research manuscript and by figures and diagrams – this proved similarity causes a similarity also in the apparent motion produced by the Earth ball named the Ground track of the sun in the horizon with the motion of the Eye ball named the Conjugate eye movement because of the same angular radius of the both, and if we know that the two motions is pendulum like and work in the horizontal plane, and the ground track of the sun at Stonehenge latitude 51 north when it reaches its farthest point in summer solstice to its farthest point in winter solstice and co-widened by the lunar standstill has an angle almost equal the angle produced by the conjugate eye movement when moving from the extreme right side to the extreme left side in the horizontal plane then we can say the following:-

If "A" equal "B" in shape, tilt and position in the orbit, if "A" has the same motion of "B" in the same plane then if we take a section in "A" it will still equal "B" if also sectioned in that same plane and site, and consequently sectioned "A" or sectioned "B" can help to find things related to shape or tilt of "A" or "B".

The sectioned object "A" or "B" proved to simulate Stonehenge.

Scheme for Human Eye Solar Earth Analogy as a Stonehenge Code – By Dr. Emad Kayyam

Atmospheric Model of the Eyeball Earth[edit]

Atmospheric model of Eyeball Earth (figure2) From Dr. Emad Kayyam Collection

Atmospheric Model of the Eyeball Earth 3 Dr. EMAD KAYYAM

Atlantis on the Map. Created prepared and designed by Dr. Emad Kayyam

Atlantis on the Map by Dr. Emad Kayyam

Atlantis imagined being in the Atlantic Ocean and fitting with Dr. Emad Kayyam observations and view of similarities with the nasal cavities and sinuses in the human

Atlantis imagined being in the Atlantic Ocean and fitting with Dr. Emad Kayyam observations and view of similarities with the nasal cavities and sinuses in the human face[edit]

According to Plato's account & dialogues "Timaeus and Critias": Atlantis was a naval power lying "in front of the Pillars of Hercules" (Straiate of Gibreltar) & was larger than Ancient Libya and Asia Minor combined, but it afterwards was sunk by an earthquake and became an impassable mud shoal, inhibiting travel to any part of the ocean.

The membrane of Hasner (the site where the lacrimal duct enter the Nose) remains imperforate after delivery in up to 70% newborns. This usually opens within the first month but may remain imperforate for a longer time, resulting in epiphora (flood of tears accumulated above the Eye). The duct continues in the nose for about 5mm and its whole length is around 27 – 30 mm. Savanna & Agriculture Land on the coast of the Red sea in the Arabian Peninsula is at the same site where as if the lacrimal duct enters the Nose in analogical descriptive analysis.

"Emad Kayyam Atmospheric Model of Eyeball Earth" proposes a model of climate by describing the physiological condition (Epiphora) in the newborns with relation to the lacrimal system in the Eye ball and how this simulate a model of climate which can and start to incubate life in the very early planet Earth ( when our planet was a water world “Aqua Planet Model” and the appearance of the first land the Arabian Peninsula above the water ) and can be modulated and simulated in any Habitable Zone planet to start a new life in the external space. This model has been standing on anatomical and physiological similarities in the nasal cavities and the eyeball lacrimal (tear) system with Geo-morphological features of the Earth continents, seas and Ocean.

Lacrimal Duct & Red Sea: A Visual Metaphor ?

1- The average surface water temperature of the Red Sea during the summer is about 26 °C (79 °F) in the north and 30 °C (86 °F) in the south, with only about 2 °C (3.6 °F) variation during the winter months. The overall average water temperature of the Red Sea is 22 °C (72 °F) ( The tempreture of the tear is around these value)

2- The Red Sea is one of the most saline bodies of water in the world, due to high evaporation, the average salinity of Red Sea water is 40 ‰. Average salinity for the world's seawater is ~35 ‰ on the Practical Salinity Scale, or PPS; that translates to 3.5 % actual dissolved salts.) (The tear is Salty also in this range)

3- Sometimes in the geological past, Perim Island; "a volcanic island strategically located in the Strait of Bab el-Mandeb at the southern entrance into the Red Sea" eruptions have blocked the Bab el Mandeb & filling the Bab el Mandeb with lava, and thus the Red Sea evaporated to an empty hot dry salt-floored sink. ( Sometime the Hasner Valve located at the lower entrance of the nasolacrimal duct "in the Nose" blocked the Naso-lacrimal duct resulting in Epiphora) "a flood of Tears"

4- Bab el Mandeb (the southern entrance into the Red Sea) or el Mandeb in Arabic language means or comes from el-Ndeb which means a person who cry so mush or cry heavily with tears ; { Arabic: المندب – الندب والنحيبِ}

The Eye Ball & the Earth ball - A Model for Inverted Planetarium[edit]

The Eye Ball & the Earth ball- A Model for Inverted Planetarium. Released by Dr Emad Kayyam

Scheme for Eye ball & Earth ball Inverted Planetarium Model. By Dr. Emad Kayyam

The Eye ball- A complete coordinate system for location and time[edit]

Muscle Plane and Axe of rotation of the Inferior & Superior Oblique muscles (Eye Rotators) are 51°, 39° from the Y-Axe respectively - By Dr Emad Kayyam

Cochlea Andromeda[edit]

The Cochlea & the Spiral Galaxy. Released by Dr Emad Kayyam

When psychologist Kris Kelvin arrives at the planet Solaris to study the ocean that covers its surface, he fined himself confronting a painful memory embodied in the physical likeness of a past lover. Kelvin learns that he is not alone in this, and that other crews examining the planet are plagued with their own repressed and newly real memories. Could it be, as Solaris scientists speculate, that the ocean may be a massive neural center creating these memories, for a reason no one can identify? Long considered a classic, Solaris ask the question: can we understand the universe around us without first understanding what lies within?

Reference: From Solaris Novel & Movie.

Solaris is a 2002 science fiction-psychological drama directed by Steven Soderbergh and starring George Clooney and Natascha McElhone. It is based on the science fiction novel of the same name by Polish writer Stanisław Lem.

Travel through Time By Riding the Sound[edit]

Physics of Sound Sensory System of the Inner Ear & Space Time Continuum - By Doctor Emad kayyam

Travel through Time by Riding the Sound Scheme. Created, Prepared, designed, Drawn & Released by Dr Emad Kayyam

Chapter: Dreaming & this Work[edit]

Dreaming in Emad Kayyam Art Work[edit]

Emad Kayyam Practical Painting - Mercury

Emad Kayyam Practical Painting

Emad Kayyam Dream Work 3A


SciFi Story: Unity of Stars[edit]

By: Dr. Emad Kayyam

Medical Doctor & Multidisciplinary Researcher

In 1998, superior orders were issued to get ready for an extraordinary flight that has not yet been thought of; of course the aim was … unity of stars. A flight into space, towards the past and memories, a conciliation flight to connect what was lost and to promise with another opportunity of a new life!!! I have clear and strict orders; launch immediately beyond the solar system, behind the stars passing through the heart of the parent galaxy; the Milky Way, keep surfing in the empty space over time till you reach the truth. - Do you see that star there?


- Where? - Over there, - No, I do not see it …? - Nay, you can see it if you look carefully! - You have a hard look In fact, and you too, But you do not know that, you are sharp hearing and imaginative, we have reviewed the records and we get the necessary registration to know all the information about you from your birth. - And what did you find? - We found the date of your birth, your hometown and the members of your family and … - And what, continue why did you stop? - We found strange News about profound visions along with more strange observations and remarks scattered in a history full of blow strikes. - did you choose me for that? - no, you chose us … your biography contains things that mean a lot for us, we can observe things beyond the observation of the others because we, like you, came from space … - By the way… who was that queen of the wavy hair like golden wheat who was sitting beside you? - Where? - Far away over there in Taurus stars group, you were proud of yourself... And from where did you have all of these armies of ants, we saw them … their brigades & flags, and we saw you leading them and passing over a great sea. -A sea in the space!!! - Why are you surprised … since all that happened to you, we know everything about you and we know an important story about you that "you finally decided to abandon your malicious plans to take over world"! … …we know that you are arranging an inclusive trial for a long line of traitors, we saw you in the presence of supreme education holders in the time of Hlliopi


standing next to a considerable man who put his hand behind his back, we heard him promising you of a fair trial for all those and they were many in number!! - Why do you watch me this much? - Because you were chosen to carry out an urgent and unusual mission, a mission which is unlimited by time in which you will travel to a distant place where distance has strong meanings as coldness, autism and isolation. - And how can I do such mission? - come with us, we will show you something … look! You will do it by this vehicle. - This is my vehicle; I designed it, just as I saw it in my dreams!! Then it is not a vehicle, this vehicle has missile waves. - A vehicle … a missile... The important thing is that we did the necessary steps to manufacture & assemble this vehicle when we go back to the confidential files and charts which you devoted yourself more than eleven years to write & design them, we have adhered to all the instructions and drawings in the manufacturing of this vehicle, we were very shocked by the materials you proposed to manufacture such vehicle; they are materials like living cells and tissues found in the bodies of human beings. We were more shocked by those drawings which show the way of assembling the parts of the vehicle to each other; as if you are gathering family members who are about to disperse!! - Sorry, I want to explain something: The materials which I proposed are similar to living cells and tissues, but they are not living, and will not have life and that in the light of old discoveries and observations which I kept them secret for many years, as for the design and drawings itself, they are innovative insights and graphic metaphors which are based on my watching of different systems in the universe. As for the method of installation and assembling of different parts to each other, I will not tell you why it was in this form!! - I Know - Then keep the secret for yourself - Well, I will do that - And where should I go by this vehicle? - First you will adjust the vehicle's sails with the three dimensions of the space in a path of crescent – shaped canals which will give you energy of new kind, then


you will enter in the dimensions of space & time through tunnels and corridors to find yourself starting from the point in present that extends into the distant past, from there you will ascend, by your vehicle, over a sound wave to sail towards the past in the vast space, towards the early universe where you will reach a region in the space that contains five entrances, then you have to enter through one of them in order to reach great galaxies of elliptical shapes some of them exist in compressed groups and others in galactic ones. The stars of theses galaxies move in radial directions away from the galactic center to sail towards the edges, these galaxies are colonized by old perennial stars which are law in mass and arranged amid scattered stellar scope, its stars and its light are dim and red in color, no much of substance (neither gas nor dust) exist between its stars; which causes a decrease in the rate of stars formation. The galaxies' young stars are very few, but they are surrounded by a lot of spherical clusters. - Spherical clusters! What do you mean by that? -it is spherical groups of stars that revolve around the nuclei orbits of galaxies like satellite. When you reach the end of this galaxy you will see a complex system of luminous spatial body with enormous energy, do not approach it often so as not to be strongly affected by the enormous gravity that surrounds it and watch out the extreme horizontal acceleration which will happen to your vehicle if one of the huge waves of this system captures you. (Silence for few moments) .............., I feel that you are afraid of this mission? - is there any alternative to fear!, I have lived my whole life hating fear, It seems that the more I run away from it the more it haunt me until it became in front of me face to face this time, and I cannot escape. However, the situation is different this time; I am afraid but eager to venture at the same time. i endeavored throughout my life trying to reach such stars because I consider them my real homeland. I have been living my life in the concept of a radiant star which always tries to impress the others by its sparkling … those of others who do not like stars, but rather do not like the sky. - Then let us name this mission - I will call it "Unity of Stars"!!! …………………………… (Silence)……………………………… (Silence)………………………..


- I want to ask you once again about that blonde nymph who was with you at the gathering of Taurus Stars… she is indeed a legendary crowned Queen. - she is a star like me who lived far from her homeland, and she hid her luster in order to live in other than her environment. However, the glitter of the stars remained shining in her eyes and her hair, which was comparable to gold in its brilliance, and her great heart kindled of the radiation. We have found each other through radiation; the characteristic which is owned by the sons of stars' homeland … But she was with in a distant star which is called the Awake Star; I went there to find her waiting for me. - Why did you not stay with each other? - Because we simply did not know that we are stars, although we felt something deep in ourselves, but we did not know that we belong to the same homeland … Also, I was from the family of visionary stars, and a thing has prevented us which is the same thing that precludes sleeping from wakefulness. - do you think that you can meet each other again? - I will do my best and if we were not destined to that, I hope you will tell her that she was the most beautiful dream i saw in my life. - do you think that what we read about you of strange news about those observations and findings you reached might have caused the outcome conditions among you and that star … sorry that nymph? - On the contrary, I think it proves that I belong to it in particular. My view of the links between life forms and parts of the universe as contained in my observations first and then in my conclusions secondly proves that the link is very strong between the universe in its physics & structures and life in its components & parts; which made me fall in love with a star! - As you are saying that there is life outside the Earth that originates somewhere in the space? - But the forms of life itself are, in some way, connected to the components of the universe. - As you are saying that Physics is linked to Biology in some way? - I expect that this linkage was known sometime, and was lost for an unknown reason … as well as the reason that made me lose my beautiful star!


By the way let's go back to talk about the rest of the flight stages. - Well … after you get out of the elliptical galaxies, you will enter a path of other Lenticular-shaped galaxies; it is an intermediary stage in the way of the flight and you will see wide space as the puffiness in a grain of lentil, the midst of these galaxies may be a bright light, and if there is no light; then you may be confused and think that you are still in the primary elliptical galaxies. - How can I be guided then? - If the puffiness was bright and shining with light that will make it easier to you to distinguish. If not, you might think that you are in the elliptical galaxies which are classified E0, so be aware! -will the vehicle help me in such regard? - Certainly, we have adjusted the route of the flight according to a map of the inner ear which was drawn in a world of nebulae and found in your confidential researches, we have found that the route is identical with the destination which we intend to send you to. We have programmed the satellite navigation system of the vehicle according to that map! We have also adopted rules & methods which have been developed in those files on the basis of regulatory context which you have referred to when the main axes of the human eyes parallel with illusory axes which represents the rotation axes of any celestial body you may come across during your flight. - Yet everything remains fallible, I want a proof of reality! -There is no proof … generally, the space dust in those galaxies scatter near to its nuclei and follow the light direction of the puffiness existing in it; that might help you to distinguish the forms of galactic swells. Note that these galaxies exhausted the intermediate material between the stars, therefore, the birth of new stars is rare, and thus most of its inhabitants are old perennial stars such as those in the elliptical galaxies! - What a difficult decision then! - Do not be afraid you will take the right decision because you did not remember something important. - What is it? - These lenticular-shaped galaxies have something similar to the gravity which exists in the elliptical galaxies. However, as the acceleration of gravity was horizontally there, the acceleration will be vertically here! … so keep going on till you find two great arms of the space which are surely two similar ways of one


type of galaxies which have non-essential differences among each other and they are called the spiral galaxies; it is inclined at an angle against the rest of the local space around it. The spiral galaxies have great arms in which the stars revolve in oval-shaped orbits, these stars are extremely lighting, hot and burning because it is newly generated, they burn with spectacular blue color. The lights of these stars illuminate the arms of the spiral galaxy; they do not resemble stars around the center of the galaxy. These stars which exist around the center are perennial since ancient times, they have faint light and most of which have the red color and gather with each other around a very dark center; it is a black hole that swallows everything … you might see an axis that comes out of this center around which the arms revolve, but whatever you see, never come close to the center; you will be like a butterfly that goes to its death. - Black hole! What does it do there? - It is one of many black holes which fill the space and are located in the centers of spiral galaxies. - Black holes, it reminds me of "Holes in the Black Dress", a novel which I have read long time ago. - As for me, it reminds me of holes in the conscience! - Scary black holes, black holes … hol … hol …ho ….

  • ((he wakes up of a sleep happened because of a coma due to the severe and

massive acceleration of the vehicle during its taking-off from Earth planet))* I started to go beyond the line of Kerman that line which separates the atmosphere from outer space, any vehicle cannot pass through it only if its speed exceeded the rotation speed of the Earth planet's orbit. Although the air density becomes lesser as I go higher and although that line remains illusory because there is no distinguishing mark separating the earth's atmosphere from space, however, I started to feel that I am at the point of no return, very afraid and very happy. I fly with joy in my going up into space; I no longer think, I am not only living a new experience but rather a new life. There I remembered her again, and remembered when I told her what it means to travel away; Let's proceed in this blue maybe we can start a step, there where I can have you, there where the air becomes very thin and rarefied, when the eyes are stare, there where you may be, or I may be, there are a lot of angels who smile because we are together, just accept, and that will be.


However, I also remembered what one of them said, and it was by the way a bird; it was and will be again a bird, that "the spark does not occur unless two stars meet each other".



Archive of Letters[edit]


This archive of letters displays some responses that I receive in my long journey through scientific peer review journals. Although many letters show a rejection to my submission and some time deletion from the Journal Software system, they still some time contain some important opinions and hints on how to deal with my scientific project.


Date: Thu, 4 May 2006 16:15:23 +0100

From: "Harrison, RA (Richard)" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert

To: "Emad (M.O) Kayyam" <>

Dear Emad,

Thank you for your e-mail. I did forward your previous e-mails to the editor in Chief of Advances in Space Research, though I understand that you had sent the material to her before. Your studies are extremely interesting. Personally, I do not know how to judge them - I have no medical background. This means that I am not really aware of journals that would take such an interdisciplinary topic. They must exist somewhere. This is not much help to you. I am sorry. With regard to the bulletin that I edit, this is more of a newsletter and your desire is to present something more substantial and detailed than I would normally include.

I do wish you luck in this and feel sorry that I have not really helped you. With best wishes,


Professor Richard A. Harrison

Head of Space Physics Division

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

Chilton, Didcot

Oxfordshire OX11 0QX, UK

Tel: (44) 1235 44 6884 Fax: (44) 1235 44 5848

Date: Thu, 4 May 2006 16:15:23 +0100

From: "Harrison, RA (Richard)" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert

To: "Emad (M.O) Kayyam" <>


From: "Peggy Ann Shea and Don Smart" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert

To: "Emad (M.O) Kayyam" <>

Subject: Re: Dr.EMAD KAYYAM

Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 22:41:28 -0600

Dear Dr. Kayyam,

I have reviewed the material you sent me regarding the analogy between the eye, the earth and Stonehenge. While I found this to be an interesting concept, it is not appropriate for the journal Advances in Space Research. I would suggest you consider a journal that deals specifically with strange and unusual phenomenon. Unfortunately I cannot recommend a specific journal name.

I wish you success in finding the appropriate journal that will publish your work.

Yours truly,

(Dr.) M. A. Shea

Editor-in-Chief, ASR


Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 10:08:36 -0400

From: "Farouk El-Baz" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert

To: "Emad (M.O) Kayyam" <>

Subject: Re: Dr. EMAD KAYYAM - Jordan

Dear Dr. Emad:

Thank you for your message and congratulations on getting a patent for your discovery. This in itself is an accomplishment. I am a geologist and cannot judge your invention. It would be best to give it to an expert who can help. With best wishes for continued success,

Farouk El-Baz


Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2007 15:30:51 -0400

From: "archaeoastronomy journal" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert

Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more

To: "Emad Kayyam" <>

Subject: Re: Stonehenge

Dear Dr. Kayyam,

We received your brief paper submitted for consideration by Archaeoastronomy. Unfortunately it is not suitable for publication for the following reasons:

First, it seems to be a modern interpretation of Stonehenge with no indication of how this might have connected with the ideas of the builders of Stonehenge. Archaeoastronomy is concerned with how astronomical ideas fit in the culture of the creators of Stonehenge, not with how astronomy relates to modern culture. Secondly, archaeology is an evidence based discipline but the hypothesis is presented here with no specific evidence to support it. General similarities between the shape of the spherical earth, the spherical eye, and the circular structure of Stonehenge are insufficiently specific to support this hypothesis.

Finally, (and this may reflect the previous lack of specifics) the article is too brief to be considered for our journal.

I recommend that you read examples of the archaeological literature to become familiar with scholarly expectations in that field.


Stephen McCluskey



Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2007 11:53:54 -0400

To: "Emad \(M.O\) Kayyam" <>

From: "Norman Hammond" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert

Subject: Re: Fwd: kindly to Dr. Norman Hammond

Dear Dr. Kayyam,

Thank you for your message.

Unfortunately we have no funds to support this kind of research.


Norman Hammond

Professor Norman Hammond, FSA, FBA,

Department of Archaeology,

Boston University,

675 Commonwealth Avenue,

Boston MA 02215-1406,


(617) 358-1651 (pers/voice mail)

353-3415 (Department)

353-6800 (fax)


Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2007 17:40:34 -0500 (EST)

From: "Rudy Schild" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert


Subject: Earth, Eye, Stonehenge

Dear Dr. Emad Kayyam,

Thank you for writing with a new view of a possible relationship between astronomical human and Earth physiology. Of course you will find it nearly impossible to find collaborations to study such diverse topics together, when there seems to be almost no reason for the three to be inter-related. I have two particular reasons to avoid any personal involvement. I My self am working flat out to try to change our civilization's attitudes about black holes, and this will be simple compared to the program that you enter upon. Secondly, I am reluctant to undertake correspondence in the mid- East (Mediterranean) since it automatically puts me high on my government lists.

Because nobody is looking for or expecting a correlation such as you propose, you will find it difficult to find collaboration or support For further inquiry thus you must fall back upon your convictions to pursue this approach further.

My best wishes to you.

--Rudy Schild—


From: "Planetary and Space Science" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert


Subject: PSS546 - Unsuitable manuscript

Date: Wed, 07 Jun 2006 10:22:52 +0100

Dear Dr. Kayyam,

I acknowledge with thanks the safe receipt of the manuscript: Similarity relation between Anatomical human eyeball & Astronomical Earth "planet" &its role in Stonehenge megalith interpretation. I note, however, that your contribution does not fit within the scope of our journal. Good luck in finding a suitable medium for your work. Your present submission will be removed from the EES site.

Yours sincerely,

Meta Ottevanger

Journal Manager

Planetary and Space Science

Editor's decision:

This paper is definitely not for PSS!!!


Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 16:55:17 UT


Subject: JSE06-061 Decision

From: View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert

Dear Dr. Kayyam,

I regret to inform you that we are unable to accept your manuscript Entitled "Similarity relation between the anatomical human eyeball & the Earth ball 'planet' and its role in Stonehenge megalith interpretation” for publication in the Journal of Scientific Exploration, Please sees the Editor's comments at the bottom of this e-mail.

We very much appreciate your interest in the Journal of Scientific Exploration for the publication of your work.

Best regards,

Joy Richmond

Managing Editor

Allen Press, Inc.

810 E. 10th St.

Lawrence, KS 66044

P: (785) 843-1234, ext. 121

F: (785) 843-1244

Editor's Comments:

Your manuscript was judged not to meet our criteria to an appropriate extent. It is not always feasible to offer detailed substantive reasons why material is not accepted for publication; after all, the onus is on authors to convince a journal that a particular manuscript falls within its purview and criteria.

General criteria for material publishable in the journal include that "All topics may be considered for the Journal; however, the investigations must conform to criteria of academic excellence. . . . Articles must conform to contemporary scholarly standards appropriate for an archival journal." "Academic excellence" includes that theories be supported by evidence; that competing theories be discussed; that the evidence result from sound methodology. Moreover, manuscripts must be written in clear, grammatically and syntactically correct English. We cannot undertake to translate from other languages or from writings so poorly expressed that the meaning is not clear. In addition, the editorial staff asks such questions as:

What will readers gain from reading this?

Are assertions supported by appropriate evidence?

Is the relevant literature suitably taken into account and cited?

Some material, though technically sound, may simply be too technical, or too specialized, for our readership, which covers the broadest range of scientific and scholarly fields. Inevitably, judgments must be made in applying these criteria. Sometimes reviewers submit advice informally, so that detailed substantive critiques cannot always be offered.

More specifically, this manuscript looks to be a part of a much larger project. It tries to cover a much broader range of ideas than is suitable for an article.



From: "Gillian Morriss-Kay" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert

To: "'Emad (M.O) Kayyam'" <>

Subject: RE: Anatomical Observations

Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2007 18:10:28 -0000

Dear Dr Kayyam,

I regret that I am unable to enter into any correspondence that is outside my area of professional expertise.

Yours sincerely,

GM Morriss-Kay

Professor GM Morriss-Kay

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Anatomy

Le Gros Clark Building

Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics

South Parks Road

Oxford OX1 3QX


Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 10:53:16 -0400

To: "Emad (M.O) Kayyam" <>

From: "H. Russell Bernard" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert

Subject: your article for FIELD METHODS

Dear Dr. Kayyam:

I've received and read your article, "Similarity relation between the anatomical human Eye ball & the planet Earth ball in Stonehenge megalith interpretation." I appreciate your considering FIELD METHODS as an outlet for your scholarly writing. Your article, however, is inappropriate for FM. The journal focuses on empirical studies of methods for collecting and analyzing social science data.


H. Russell Bernard

Professor of Anthropology, Emeritus

University of Florida



Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 07:33:04 -0400

From: "Ann Kingsolver" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert


Subject: Re: Cover Letter

Hello Dr. Kayyam,

Thank you for your inquiry. This topic is not relevant for the Anthropology of Work Review, which is a journal very specifically focused on the anthropology of work.

With best regards,

Ann Kingsolver


Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 18:49:06 -0700 (PDT)

From: "Emad (M.O) Kayyam" <> View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert

Subject: RE: question


Hq-public-inquiries <> wrote:

Dear EMAD:

Thank you for your inquiry to NASA.

Under Federal regulation, NASA is authorized to accept technical proposals for evaluation only under one of two conditions: a proposal must either be (1) submitted in response to a formal competitive solicitation; or (2) presented as an unsolicited proposal. The procedure for submitting an unsolicited proposal is described in a NASA guidebook located at The concept you describe is not structured as an unsolicited proposal as defined by the guidebook. Therefore, as submitted, it cannot be accepted for review. These rules are primarily intended to protect patent rights and copyright privileges of inventors.

Also, included in the above Web site are the respective NASA Centers and their particular technical areas of responsibility under the section entitled, “NASA Research areas and addresses for submission.” Perhaps you can address your questions directly to the respective NASA Center for an expedited response. After you review that information, should you continue to believe that your proposal would be more appropriately aligned with an area of research associated with a particular NASA Center, please forward a valid unsolicited proposal directly to that Center. You are strongly encouraged to follow the instructions as outlined in the “Guidance for the Preparations and Submission of Unsolicited Proposals,” Web site so that NASA Center personnel can process and fairly review your proposal.

NASA hopes that this information will be helpful to you as you pursue your goals. Again, thank you for your letter and interest in NASA.


Public Communications Management Office

NASA Office of Public Affairs


Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2007 13:07:12 -0700 (PDT)

From: "Angela Close" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert

To: "Emad (M.O) Kayyam" <>

CC: "Chris Chippindale" <>

Subject: Re: Stonehenge

Dear Dr. Kayyam,

I have received your paper on Stonehenge, but must inform you that I am no longer Editor of the Journal of World Prehistory. Dr. C. Chippindale now holds that position and I am sending a copy of this message to him. Since Chippindale himself is an expert on matters concerning Stonehenge, I am sure he will be most intrigued by your paper.

Thank you for thinking of JWP


Angela E. Close

Angela E. Close E-mail:

Department of Anthropology Tel: 206-543-2078

Box 353100 Fax: 206-543-3285

University of Washington Web:

Seattle, WA 98195-3100



Subject: Final decision on your article from Phys. Med. Biol. - PMB/263621/SPE/182425

From: Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert

Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2007 18:15:20 +0100

Ref: PMB/263621/SPE/182425

26 October 2007

Dear Dr Kayyam

TITLE: Human Eye Solar Earth Analogy as a Stonehenge Code.

AUTHORS: Dr Emad Kayyam

Thank you for your submission to Physics in Medicine and Biology.

However, we do not publish this type of article in any of our journals and so we are unable to consider your article further.

Thank you for considering Physics in Medicine and Biology.

Yours sincerely

Johnathan Keen

Group Publishing Administrator

Physics in Medicine and Biology

Publishing Team

Johnathan Keen - Group Publishing Administrator

Simon Harris - Publisher, Jon Ruffle - Publishing Editor

Alice English - Production Editor

Contact Details


Fax: +44 (0) 117 9200677



Subject: AA/2007/8284

From: Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert

Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007 13:58:14 +0200



Thank you very much for having submitted your manuscript entitled: The Universe and the human body. To Astronomy and Astrophysics, after consideration by our Editorial Board, I regret to inform you that your manuscript cannot be considered for publication in Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Indeed, the subject of your article is not covered by A&A and we advise you to submit it to another journal where the readership should be more involved in your subject. We unfortunately have to confine our journal to purely astronomical or astrophysical themes. A journal reaching a larger audience might be more suitable.

Yours sincerely,

Malcolm Walmsley

A&A Editor


Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 12:01:09 -0400 (EDT)

From: Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert


Subject: Acta Ophthalmologica Scandinavica - AOS-07-04-0265





The Artist’s Eye

Similarity relation between the anatomical human Eyeball & the planet Earth ball in Stonehenge megalith interpretation ACTA OPHTHALMOLOGICA SCANDINAVICA receives a large number of reports each year and is only able to publish a small percentage of these Manuscripts, Unfortunately your manuscript, while interesting and well written, did not get a high enough priority in the evaluation process to be published.

We appreciate that you allowed us to review your work and hope you keep Acta in mind for your research publications in the future. Thank you for submitting your work to ACTA OPHTHALMOLOGICA SCANDINAVICA.

Sincerely Yours,

Einar Stefansson

Chief Editor



Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 14:07:32 +0000

From: Add Mobile Alert

To: "Emad \\(M.O\\) Kayyam" <>

Subject: Re: The Eye ball and the Earth ball: Model for Inverted Planetarium.

Mr Kayyam,

Your article was removed for 2 reasons. The formatting was extremely bad, and it was practically unreadable by 3 of the browsers we have, and secondly we received many complaints about your previous articles. We let these pass, but we are not prepared to undertake the additional work responding to these complaints takes as the pressures of additional work allow only a certain amount of administration. We will be in touch in the coming months about a more appropriate Out let for the products of your thought processes and that this part Of your work and the previous articles might form an early headlining component.


Nigel Holt


From nei2020 (NIH/NEI) <>


Date Oct 12, 2007 9:45 PM

Subject RE: Question from the NEI website 2007-10-11 #04


Thank you for your inquiry. The National Eye Institute (NEI) conducts and supports research that leads to sight-saving treatments and plays a key role in reducing visual impairment and blindness. The NEI is part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Thank you for sharing your information. Unfortunately, the NEI is not able to offer the service you requested.

Office of Communication, Health Education, and Public Liaison

National Eye Institute

National Institutes of Health

Bethesda, Maryland 20892-2510





From: < >

Date: 27 Aug 2007 15:01:41 -0000

Subject: Submission to Applied Ontology



Thank you for your submission to Applied Ontology entitled, "Similarity relation between the anatomical human Eye ball & the planet Earth ball in Stonehenge megalith interpretation."

Your paper makes a number of extremely interesting observations. Unfortunately, the paper is not within the scope of our journal. The content of the paper does not specifically address the ontological issues that are at the core of the manuscripts that we publish. Thank you for thinking of Applied Ontology. I hope that you are successful in having your paper published in another journal where the theme is more appropriate.


Mark Musen

Co-Editor in Chief


From: "Journal of Archaeological Science" <> Add Mobile Alert


Subject: Decision on your Manuscript JASC08-57

Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2008 13:40:33 -0000

Ref: JASC08-57

Title: The Eye ball and the Earth ball: Model for Inverted Planetarium. Authors: EMAD KAYYAM, M.B.B.Ch

Dear Doctor KAYYAM,

Thank you for submitting your manuscript to the Journal of Archaeological Science. Unfortunately I will not be sending out for peer review this time. Because of the length of the refereeing process and the limited number of good referees, we must make an initial screening before beginning the refereeing process.

I am, therefore, rejecting your manuscript on this basis in order to allow you to seek another journal without too much delay. We thank you for your interest in the Journal and are sorry that we will not be considering this paper further.

Yours sincerely,

John Grattan, Editor

Journal of Archaeological Science


I am afraid the focus of your work does not fall within the remit of the Journal of Archaeological Science.

I suggest you try the fourteen Times




AJ Manuscript The Astronomical Journal - AJ/278272/THE/182425

From: Add Mobile Alert

Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 06:11:17 +0100

Ref: AJ/278272/THE/182425

Dear Dr Kayyam,

Thank you for sending your paper to be considered for publication in The Astronomical Journal.

Manuscript #: 278272

Title: Human Eye Solar Earth Analogy as a Stonehenge Code


The Astronomical Journal only publishes papers based on the gathering, reporting and analysis of observational data and not articles of a theoretical nature. Consequently, we are unable to consider your paper for publication.


John (Jay) S. Gallagher, III

The Astronomical Journal


Contact Details


Tel/Fax: +1 608 265 6005


Re: Travel through Time by Riding the Sound

Saturday, April 4, 2009 5:11 PM


"Farouk El-Baz" <>

To: "Emad (M.O) Kayyam" <>

Dear Dr. Emad:

Many thanks for your message.

You really need to contact people in theoretical physics. This is a field that is so far removed from mine, I do not know its experts and where they would be.

It is best to consult the Internet for institutions and/or individuals in your field of interest. Good luck.

Farouk El-Baz


Re: Travel through Time by Riding the Sound

Monday, April 6, 2009 9:58 PM

From: "Rudy Schild" <>


Dear Emad Kayyam,

Your report, "Travel through Time by Riding the Sound" presents a challenge to me, because there is nothing really wrong with it that I can see, but it does not seem right either. I mean, we now are beginning to understand that time travel is probably an act of consciousness, perhaps amplified by some machine. And since perception of sound is also a conscious activity, I cannot say that the sound sensory system is not related to the conscious activity related to time travel. However, your report so far does not make the case that nature has produced a particular mechanism for connecting the two - time travel and sound perception.

The good news is that there is nothing technically wrong with the astronomical facts you describe, and your understanding of trends in modern astronomy is quite good. In particular, I liked your treatment of the dominant theory of cold dark matter, wherein you note in plain language what the theory proposes, and the fact that there are problems with predictions of the theory. So I consider the astronomical basis of your report to be sound.

But I do not know of any interdisciplinary program that would be interested in such an approach, since it is so far from accepted views. So I do not know to whom or how I could recommend you.

Perhaps it is sufficient for me to just send you the above statement, because ultimately you yourself will have to make this an acceptable approach and viewpoint. I am favorably impressed by your research and exposition, but I simply don't know what to do with the information.

My best wishes for your success.

--Rudy Schild—



While every effort has been made to ensure that all photographic plates in my work are entirely unique in every way and every aspect in the idea and design that are represented I as the Corresponding Author, Graphic illustrator, Editor: Emad Kayyam would like to thank and express my grateful to the following(.....................) for their kind permission to reproduce their photographs, images and illustrations that used in some of my illustrated images and schemes in my work titled: "Emad Kayyam Work", stating that they are clearly mentioned in the technical reference that is going to be prepared for this issue, reminding also that all their images are free and already published in Wikipedia under the CCBYSa & GFDL licence.

Portrait for Emad Kayyam








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8-File:Physics of Sound Sensory System of the Inner Ear & Space Time Continuum - By Doctor Emad kayyam.png

9-File:Recommendation letter - Dr. Emad Kayyam.pdf

10-File:Emad Kayyam Atmospheric Model of Eyeball Earth.JPG

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Emad Kayyam Certificate from Department of National Library

Emad Kayyam Press & Publication Manuscript Certificate

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Emad Kayyam Dream Work 3A


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