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Note: There is an ongoing issue with users attempting to get Bar Ilan University blocked from editing, while impersonating me. I will not be editing from another account (unless I don't want to be identified as Bulbaboy in the first place), or vandalizing, and I am also in America, while Bar Ilan is (I believe) in Israel.

Hello, I originally registered for the English Wikipedia under the username Bulbaboy, and then decided to make a Wikibooks account, so I could edit non-anonymously over here too. Since I'll probably be on Wikipedia more, why don't you check out my Wikipedia userpage - I'm likely to put more stuff there than here.

Since User:KelvSYC's tipped me off to the Pokémon wikibook, I'll probably be making some edits to the TCG section, and maybe other portions. If anyone's got any questions about Pokémon, I think I'm pretty knowledgable, and I know where to look if I don't know the answer (plus I've got a bunch of the cards, if you need the text).