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 Mouse use

Driver Module Keyboard Shortcuts[edit]

This table was generated for TS12 and so contains a few keys applicable only in newer Trainz releases. Most of the table has been common across all Trainz Versions after Trainz UTC (V-1.5), and as with keys added in TS10 and TS12, keys added after that date such as the Camera Free Roaming External mode ('[4]') just did nothing.

Historically, the Keypad keys were the controls used in Trainz 1.x, but that was unpopular given the need for the right hand on the mouse, which is perhaps busy even more often. With UTC a file "\Settings\keyboard.txt" was introduced allowing user customization of the keys which have remained stable until the introduction of new functional needs. The file keyboard.txt also allows the user to customize his Surveyor hotkeys as well as those useful in Driver.

Note except for Steam Loco Driving, the so called keyboard leftside cross (W, S, X, A and D) comprise the most often used Driver keys, those used for throttle control and the brakes. The Steam locomotive also heavily use F and R just to the right of the cross, as are less often used D, C, E, V and B keys.

There are 32 steps of acceleration in an electric locomotive, eight in a diesel locomotive, and hundreds of usable combinations of S+W (throttle) and R+F (cutoff angle) for Steam Loco driving modes. The Steam controls are effectively continuous functions using the mouse, while the keys increment or decrement values from those settings.

KeyPad Key Keyboard Key Action
Cabin Mode
9 Q Brake Release
6 Z Brake Lap
3 A Brake Application
Pause:Break Emergency Brake
4 E Toggle Independent Brake
0 D Independent Brake Bail
8 W Throttle Up
2 X Throttle Down
5 S Throttle 0
. F Reverser Handle Forward
/ R Reverser Handle Reverse
7 C Toggle Dynamic Brake
T Reset Tripmeter
Alt+[ Engine On
Alt+] Engine Off
Alt+\ Panel Lamp Test
Alt+~ Vigilance Foot Pedal
Alt+, Wipers On
Alt+. Wipers Off
Alt+; Toggle Cabin Hardware 0
Alt+' Toggle Cabin Hardware 1
Space Shovel Coal
Shift+Space Coalman Wave
Shift+F Cabin Fans
1 Toggle Firebox Door
Shift+I Injector Up
Shift+O Injector Down
N Blower Up
Shift+N Blower Down
Alt+7 Turn On Driver's Reminder Appliance
Alt+8 Turn Off Driver's Reminder Appliance
Alt+9 Emergency Stop
Alt+0 Toggle Cabin master Switch
Alt+D Toggle Cylinder Drain Cocks
Alt+Space Reset Automatic Warning System
Ins Reset Automatic Warning System
Alt+1 Isolate Automatic Warning System
Alt+2 Activate Automatic Warning System
Alt+3 Reset Train Protection Warning System
Alt+4 Isolate Train Protection Warning System
Alt+5 Activate Train Protection Warning System
Alt+6 Override Train Protection Warning System
DCC Mode
X Decelerate/Reverse
W Accelerate/Forward
S Stop
A Apply handlbrake
General Control
L Headlight
1 Pantograph
H Horn
V Sand
B Bell
M Map
P Pause
Ctrl+F Find Object
Ctrl+D Toggle Decouple
Shift+L Toggle Highbeam
 ; Toggle Ditchflash
Ctrl+1 Driver 1
Ctrl+2 Driver 2
Ctrl+3 Driver 3
Ctrl+4 Driver 4
Ctrl+5 Driver 5
Ctrl+6 Driver 6
Ctrl+7 Driver 7
Ctrl+ Previous Driver
Ctrl+ Next Drive
Enter Multiplayer Chat
HUD Control
F5 Toggle Interface
F6 Toggle Driver Bar
F7 Toggle Button Bar
F8 Toggle Custom HUD
F9 Toggle Controls
Camera Mode
1 Internal Camera
2 External Camera
3 Tracking Camera
4 Roaming Camera
In-Cab Camera
[ Camera - Previous View
] Camera - Next View
Ctrl+[ Camera Snap to Previous View
Ctrl+] Camera Snap to Next View
Camera Controls
Up Arrow Camera Upward
Down Arrow Camera Downward
Left Arrow Camera Rotate Left
Right Arrow Camera Rotate Right
Page Up Zoom In
Page Down Zoom Out