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Trainz Asset Maintenance and Creation

Content Manager skills tutorials for Trainz
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Dealing with Asset Errors[edit]

'Errors, Faults, Faulty assets, Bad Content, Faulty content are all synonyms in Trainz-speak for the same situation: An asset was distributed with malformed components, a missing component, or has become incompatible with newer software releases despite working in an earlier Trainz version. This later kind of error or fault occurs when the asset needs an tweak to conform to a newer level of asset technology, and are the most prevalent. Assets missing a texture (component) can be 'patched' and made to work, if not with the exact same appearance as used by the content creator. Whatever the flaw, it is frequently something which can be 'fixed' by simple hand edited changes into the files, most often only inside the text ini files of the asset contained in the assets defining folder(s) which one opens using third party tools in the operating system folder.

Currently, the best Error fixing advice on these pages is found here at Trainz/AM%26C/Fixing_Assets, which covers the most frequently occurring error messages in a text searchable format, allowing entry of the key phrase in the error message to read up on how to fix it.


Necessary tools[edit]

Composite snips, from CM to CSL of kuids.

The necessary third party software effective in dealing with Trainz assets is virtually all obtainable as freeware.

  1. A good text editor is a God send, while Windows has the venerable basic text editor Notepad available for simple edits, it lacks many useful features:
    1. Instead suggest freeware programmers' editor Notepad++ as the most useful for several reasons, not least being the ability to search and replace (SAR) across line end boundaries allowing easy conversion of CM generated asset lists to be turned into Content Manager compatible comma separated lists (CSL/CSV) of kuids.
    2. Programmer's Notepad — like Notepad++ Programmer's Notepad and (the next suggested) Crimson Editor allow multiple file editing, have useful extended search and replace abilities over Windows Notepad, and have individual strengths.
    3. Crimson Editor (New update of famous Ruby Editor)
  2. Open Office Suite — unlike Microsoft Office, this freeware open source package won't break your piggy bank, is fully compatible, and suggested here for two primary uses involving use of the spread sheet module:
    1. Spreadsheet makes a useful flatfile database; different tabs allows tracking different projects assets as taking a CM main screen generated list of selectees into a CSL. A CSL of kuids has many organizational benefits, not least of which is an ability to reset a filter or three with different asset kuids for use in surveyor.
    2. Pasting a copied list of assets from the CM main screen into a spreadsheet as a CSV list is the fastest way to truncate off the asset names from the kuids. The process is A) copy an asset group from CM; B) ALT+Tab to Spreadsheet scratchpad sheet; C) Paste down the copied asset names and their kuids as a CSV import with the comma as a delimiter. D) Copy just the column of kuids; E) ALT+Tab to Notepad++ scratchpad tab; F) Paste down the list (each row of the spreadsheet becomes a line with a single kuid); G) SAR across line ends from '>\n<kuid' and replace with '>,<kuid'

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It is assumed the reader has read through and gained a working understanding of the materials presented on the following pages before proceeding with the below:

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Goals of this Module[edit]

This module will give the reader a working knowledge of the following Trainz knowledge topics:

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