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Fundamentals for Trainz Trainees
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 Mouse use

Some options are only available in certain versions.


In-game performance versus quality settings, etc.

Trainz renders in real time which means that the machine it runs on can make a difference to what can be seen. There are a set of sliders which can be adjusted according to the performance of your machine or even the layout. Essentially the eye is happy at 24 fps which is used in the film industry so if your machine is capable of more than this at the default settings then you can move the sliders across to the right, if your machine isn't quite powerful enough then you may slide them across to the left. The distance slider for example controls the cut off for scenery in the distance. This cuts down the number of polygons that the computer has to deal with thus allowing the hardware to show more frames per second.

In general ATI based video cards give better performance using directX and nVidia OpenGL. It is worth while comparing performance to see which gives better results on your video card.

More advanced configuration options are available by editing the commands in the trainzoptions.txt file.

In addition, Trainz will be affected by your video board's performance versus quality settings and factors such as the number of programs run when Windows starts up.


Create and edit layouts (maps, routes).


Run Driver sessions.


Run scripted activities (UTC/TRS2004 only).

Manage Content[edit]

Access CMP (Content Manager Plus) (TRS2006/TC only) or CM2 (Content Manager 2) (TS2009/2010) .

Trainz Objectz is a free third-party utility for managing installed content in TRS2004.


Display 3D images of each installed rolling stock item.

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Trainz Exchange[edit]

This online feature was never implemented.