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Trainz Asset Maintenance and Creation
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Sometimes, for personal preference or technical reasons, an assets dependencies may need to be replaced. Described here is an example of how to change a Locomotive's hornsound relatively easily and quickly by using CCP or editing the config.txt file.

TRS2006 And Above[edit]

CCP Screen, tag is highly controlled, so CCP limits edit flexibility. Good for this sort of task.
  • Open Content Manager Plus (CMP) via the Trainz launch screen.
  • Search for the locomotive you are wishing to change.
  • Right-click on the item, go to 'Edit in Content Creator Plus'.
  • You may be asked if you want to continue due the content item being from a different Trainz version. It is usually safe to continue, but there are warnings that this can cause a faulty asset. Backup or clone the asset if you are unsure.
  • In CCP scroll down and you will see the line 'hornsound' amongst other things, e.g. 'enginesound', 'enginespec', 'description' etc.
  • Click on the '...' button that allows you to scroll through your entire collection of assets. Narrow it down using the drop down menu filter and locate a new hornsound of your choice.
  • Exit CCP, saving as you go.
  • Commit the asset before you return to Trainz.

If you wanted to, or if the instability of CMP/CCP forces you to, you could always use the manual method, which is just as easy.

TRS2004 And Below[edit]

  • Locate the Custom folder in your TRS2004 installation directory.
  • Find your locomotive and open its config.txt file with a text editor, e.g. notepad.
  • Scroll through until you see the 'hornsound' tag and replace its kuid with one of your desired hornsound.
  • Save the file upon exit and test in Trainz.

Changing Assets Without CCP[edit]