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To do:

  • Fix the displayed name on pages with long names Yes check.svg Done on... Federated States of Micronesia
  • Fix HoverImage function
  • Fix image rating function, as it might not work when there is a current image and a previous image


For use on Wikijunior:Countries A-Z.

{{Template:Wikijunior:Countries A-Z/Page layout
 |name= <!--if different than the subpage name-->
 |native-lang= <!--two-letter code-->
 |language= <!--name of native language-->
 |previous= <!--previous page-->
 |next= <!--next page-->
 |new_image= <!--tags the page as needing a new image, if set to "urgent" will appear at top of page, if not will appear at bottom-->
 |new_image_date= <!--date of tagging-->

The new_image parameter uses {{Template:Wikijunior:Countries A-Z/Bad image}}.
Without the notes:

{{Template:Wikijunior:Countries A-Z/Page layout