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Place as top item in a Trainz Wikibook-How-to or Project organization page of some sort.  

  1. The placeholder '1' parameter is used as a pipetrick override to alter the categories sort order from the default {{SUBPAGENAME}}
  2. The 'ns' parameter will replace the auto-namespace sensing, so change the several default messages depending on which namespace contains the tag.
  3. The 'altmsg' named parameter takes a text string and present that alternative message, replacing the default messages which assert by namespace.
    1. Only Categories and Template namespaces currently sense spaces and have messages.
    2. Defining ns=  causes the namespace message generation to be skipped, showing only the output 'co-msg' or 'message' parameters.
    3. The bulleted part (namespace sensed) is programmable with the 'alt-msg' override parameter. (The linefeed and prefixed bullet are provided free of charge.)
  4. The default message is 'co-msg' or 'message' - both of which may be blank (undefined), so presents only a box template as shown here. (Template namespace message shown)
    1. If defined, the co-msg will insert a break and hard break (line across) before displaying the co-msg. 'Co-msg' asserts over 'message'.
    2. The 'message' parameter will asuffix onto the namespace boilerplate text, or if 'ns' suppresses the canned messages, will present as the sole message without a leading bullet.
  5. The 'inhibit' parameter suppresses message box generation but auto-categorizes the page
  6. The 'noAdmin' parameter instead suppresses the normal and usual auto-category declaration incorporating the page into Category:Trainz Admin.