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This template generates a header box with the general default appearance as shown below
as controlled by defining the keyword 'type=' per the options in the table below.
  • The control parameter 'CAT' when defined alters the mode and presents a category page heading message instead.
    General Trainz  — Multi-page Threaded Tutorial

    Apples are good for sucking up to teachers
    TOC | BeginningsFun | AM&C | Creation | InBook Refs ORP Refs:  • Index • Containers • Kinds • Tags | Appendixes  • Vers


    A call to TRS-top|Type= or type= defines the above numerated phrases as title box text, and these passed to {{TRS-hdrbox}} properly turned into standardized boilerplate.


    Defines switch boilerplate texts for calls to FUN-beg for tutorials header boxes display messages:

    keyword(s) Results/Purposes
    GT, INFO General Trainz Informational Topic
    TUT, SAT Stand-alone Tutorial
    TT, MPT Multi-page Threaded Tutorial
    Defining CC and AM&C present a secondary title that can be overridden by defining alttitle2. The second title line need is sensed and provided, though defining both or refs2 standard parameters does make doubly sure!

    If and when alttitle2 is left undefined, the tool keyword/parameter is alive and is presented withing the boilerplate when

    1. AM&C is defined generates the secondary title: Managing assets using {{{tool}}}
    2. CC is defined generates the secondary title: Content Creation using {{{tool}}}

    The standard Trainz header template color parameters are alive and default as {{{CO1|blue}}} and {{{CO2|black}}}