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This template in the 'default mode' forms an LITERAL internal link to a 'logical' sub-page of the Trainz Wikibook references division Trainz/containers with parameter {{{1}}} and the link will only be made if the sub-page name is explicitly correct and full—meaning most times the parameter must contain the word 'container'.

  • This works around {{TR}}'s default behavior and automatically adding and displaying such, for which the link will always be made with the word 'container' and display only {{{1}}} or {{{2}}} if given as {{TR|C|name|{{{2}}}}}.
IN ALL Cases, including the below (p=pretty-name) forms a over-riding 'pretty name' for display of the desired link-to-page of the 'Trainz references volume' of the Trainz Wikibook projects.
  • Since neither TR nor TRC's above mentioned mode handle 'input=full titles' cases like 'Mesh-table container'...
  • An alternative calling form of the template operates much like the {{TR}} template with the keywords |C|c|Con|CON|D|d|DIR|dir|DIRECT|direct|Direct= forming legal value links as: [[Trainz/containers/{{{2}}}|{{{2}}}]].
  • This mode converts N3V Wiki container links in [[ ... ]] pairs to Wikibook compatible links, less the deletion of quotations needed for many TrainzOnline container titles.