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Fundamentals for Trainz Trainees
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 Mouse use
This template is used with {{FUN-bot}} to set off Trainz Beginner oriented and organized Wiki pages from intermediate, or advanced topics, and Trainz reference classed topics on the Wiki. It is a multipurpose template used on many pages of the Trainz Wikibook.
Parameters and their effects
  • The 'hold' parameter can be used to suppress the assertion of the {{beginner links}} table and auto-TOCright.
{{{Intro|{{{intro|}}}}}} case Intro, display Introductory Trainz Identifier page banner,
        Set up case wherein alttitle2 is armed, but conditional on 'both' parameters
        (i.e. xref2/both) and 'Intro' also being defined to assert both messages,
        as in default case.
 | alttitle1 = {{{alttitle1|Introductory Trainz — page by page instruction}}}
 | alttitle2 = {{{alttitle2|Setting up Trainz properly for yourself}}}
---->|<!-- otherwise
  -->{{#if:{{{Intro-ref|{{{intro-ref|}}}}}}|<!-- case Intro-ref, set refs2 and alttitle2
 |alttitle2={{{alttitle2|Setting up Trainz properly for yourself}}}
  -->|<!-- otherwise normal call
  • It can be given the {{{inhibit}}} parameter to suppress the automatic assertion of {{TOCright}} moving the Table of Contents to the left margin in the default position.
  • Similarly, defining the named parameter 'no' to any value totally suppresses the beginner links.