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Introduction  —  History  —  Dialects  —  Literature

Transliteration  —  Alphabet  —  Grammar  —  Common Phrases

There exist various transliterators for Telugu and hence various transliteration schemes with minor differences. 2 of them are shown below

Lekhini (లేఖిని lEkhini)[edit]

Lekhini is one of the most popular transliterators.


Vowel Transliteration IPA pronounciation
a /a/
aa or A /ɑː/
i /ɪ/
I or ee /iː/
u /u/
U or oo /uː/
R /ru/
Ru /ruː/
lu /lu/
Lu /luː/
e /e/
E /eː/
ai /ai/
o /o/
O /oː/
ou /au/
అం am or aM /oː/
అః - /aha/

Telugu Wikipedia[edit]