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This page serves as a quite guide about what the major directories under rose/projects are:


  • pragmaParsing: An example translator using the parsing building blocks provided by ROSE to parse pragmas


  • autoTuning: a project to use ROSE's parameterized translators to facilitate empirical tuning (or autotuning)
  • DataFaultTolerance: a project to use source-to-source translation to make application resilient to memory faults
  • extractMPISkeleton: extract MPI communication skeletons
  • Fortran_to_C : A Fortran to C language translator

Static Analysis

  • compass: a static analysis tool to find errors in applications

Dynamic Analysis

  • RTED: runtime error detection using compiler instrumentation of library calls.

Binary Analysis:

  • BinaryCloneDetection: detect similarities between binary executables.
  • CloneDetection:

Optimizations of high-level abstractions

  • arrayOptimization: optimizations based on array abstractions
  • autoParallelization: A translator which can automatically insert OpenMP directives into serial code, based on dependence analysis and optionally semantics of abstractions.

Parallel Programming Models:

  • mint: a directive based programming model for GPUs
  • OpenMP_Translator: the first version of OpenMP implementation using ROSE. Not recommended for production use, kept just as an example.
  • UpcTranslation: a preliminarily example project to demonstrate how ROSE can be used to created a UPC compiler


Problem: A student added some new IR nodes into ROSE. She is having trouble to pass make for minitermite

Solution: projects/minitermite/HOWTO_ADD_NEW_SGNODE_VARIANTS