Partial Differential Equations

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This Wikibook is UNDER CONSTRUCTION! It will hopefully be completed in the months August and September of 2014.

Partial differential equations are equations which describe several important processes in nature. This wikibook shows how to solve different kinds of partial differential equations and/or gives existence and uniqueness results, using a variety of methods.

Authors should be aware of the stylistic guidelines.

Table of Contents[edit]

  1. Introduction and first examples 100% developed
  2. Transport equation 100% developed
  3. Test function spaces 75% developed
  4. Distributions 75% developed
  5. Fundamental solutions, Green's functions and Green's kernels 25% developed
  6. Poisson's equation 25% developed
  7. Heat equation 50% developed
  8. Helmholtz' equation
  9. The Fourier transform 25% developed
  10. Wave equation
  11. Characteristic equations
  12. Sobolev spaces 25% developed
  13. Calculus of variations 0% developed
  14. Bochner's Integral
  15. Monotone operators
  16. The Malgrange-Ehrenpreis theorem
  17. Answers to the exercises 0% developed