Noli Me Tangere/II: Crisostomo Ibarra

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Crisostomo Ibarra is the second chapter in Noli Me Tangere. Rizal introduced Crisostomo Ibarra, the main protagonist of the novel, physically and some of his past. The chapter opened as a continuity of Chapter 1. Crisostomo Ibarra, or simply Ibarra is given full treatment by Kapitan Tiyago and other guests, with the exception of Padre Damaso due to some unknown reasons. The novel ended with the announcement of the dinner.


  • Crisostomo Ibarra
  • Kapitan Tiyago
  • Tenyente Guevara
  • Padre Sibyla
  • Padre Damaso
  • Padre Salvi
  • Kapitan Tinong
  • Don Tiburcio de Espadaña
  • Doña Victorina de Espadaña
  • Minor characters


The guests in the lobby continued to be merry and engaged in lively discussions. All of them stopped and surprised to see Kapitan Tiyago arriving with Crisostomo Ibarra, who happened to come from Europe. Few of them were impressed of this young man, Padre Damaso turned pale and stared glaringly to Ibarra. The lieutenant never forget to greet the newcomers and the owner of the house. Padre Damaso did not received Ibarra's offer to give him a handshake so he managed to walk few steps behind and ignored them. When another man greeted Ibarra and praised his deceased father, Padre Damaso obviously left the scene.

Nobody dared to introduce Ibarra to the young ladies, so he insisted to present himself to the ladies through German customs. However, nobody paid attention to him. He went to the gentlemen to introduce himself, again, this time, they were impressed by this young man. He saw Kapitan Tinong and invited to him to come over his house the next day for lunch, but he denied the invitation saying that he needs to do more important appointment that day.

A maid entered the lobby and announced that the dinner is ready.