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Typical x264 output:

avis [info]: 1280x720 @ 1.77 fps (40997 frames)

When using Avisynth, this line shows basic information about the input.

x264 [info]: using cpu capabilities: MMX2 SSE2Fast SSSE3 PHADD SSE4 Cache64

Note this does not neccessarily match up with the capabilities your CPU has. On some chips, x264 won't use a certain instruction set as it is actually slower.

x264 [info]: profile High, level 4.0

Information on the h264 profile and level for the stream. The profile is implied by the options used (eg, B-frames implies at least main profile, 8x8dct implies at least high profile) and is given here for information only. The level is a number written into the bitstream. You can either explicitly set the level you want with --level, or not do so and let x264 guess (reasonably accurately).

x264 [info]: slice I:461   Avg QP:16.16  size: 51489
x264 [info]: slice P:11836 Avg QP:17.35  size: 28198
x264 [info]: slice B:28700 Avg QP:16.99  size: 11522

For each of the three frame types, show the total number of frames, the average quantizer of every macroblock in the frame type, and the average size of said frame type.

x264 [info]: consecutive B-frames:  3.5% 10.8% 20.6% 28.2% 16.8%  4.5% 15.6%

Percentage of frames within a sequence of this many B-frames. P = 1, PB = 2, PBB = 3, etc.

x264 [info]: mb I  I16..4: 18.3% 52.4% 29.2%
x264 [info]: mb P  I16..4:  3.6%  9.4%  3.0%  P16..4: 45.3% 18.5% 10.0%  0.0%  0.0%    skip:10.3%
x264 [info]: mb B  I16..4:  0.3%  1.0%  0.2%  B16..8: 35.2%  1.4%  1.6%  direct: 6.1%  skip:54.3%  L0:50.6% L1:43.0% BI: 6.3%

For each of the three macroblock types (I,P,B), show what percentage of partitions within are either I or the native type of partitions (which is P for P MBs and B for B MBs). The three numbers for I partitions represent 16x16, 8x8 and 4x4. For P/B partitions, the five numbers represent 16x16, 16x8/8x16, 8x8, 8x4/4x8 and 4x4.

Skip shows the number of macroblocks using the skip vector without residual, while Direct shows the number of MBs using the skip vector with a residual. What is the skip vector? It's very very complicated..

B-frames also have information on the number of partitions

x264 [info]: 8x8 transform  intra:59.0%  inter:63.9%
x264 [info]: direct mvs  spatial:99.3%  temporal:0.7%

Percentage of frames using each method of direct/skip vector calculation. See above note about the skip vector.

x264 [info]: ref P L0  46.2% 18.9% 13.6%  7.7%  6.9%  6.6%
x264 [info]: ref B L0  51.2% 20.8% 13.7%  9.2%  5.2%
x264 [info]: ref B L1  84.7% 15.3%
x264 [info]: kb/s:237.1