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The London Eye and Palace of Westminster (known as the "Houses of Parliament"), seen from Hungerford Bridge.

This book tells you about some of the best sights and things to do in London.

Table of contents


  1. Introduction An introduction to the city.
  2. Arrival How to get to London by air, rail etc.
  3. Travel Getting around London.
  4. The Best of London The best things to see in the city.
  5. South Kensington The museums and other attractions of South Kensington.
  6. Further Afield Attractions further away from the city centre.
  7. Landmarks Places in London that you don't know the name of but may have seen or heard of.
  8. History A short history of the city.

For contributors

  • Guidelines - Read this first before wading in and working on the book.
  • Example This page is an example for listing attractions.
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  • Wanted Things that the book needs to achieve greatness.