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00. Introduction01. Phonetics02. Phonology03. Morphology04. Syntax
05. Semantics06. Pragmatics07. Typology08. Historical Linguistics09. Orthography
10. Sociolinguistics11. Psycholinguistics12. Evolutionary Linguistics13. Language Acquisition
14. Creole Languages15. Signed Languages16. Computational Linguistics

General linguistics[edit]



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  • Language Universals and Linguistic Typology, by Bernard Comrie


  • Robinson, Andrew (1995). The Story of Writing. London: Thames & Hudson Ltd. ISBN 0-500-28156-4. 

Psycholinguistics and Language Acquisition[edit]

  • Roeper, Thomas (2007). The Prism of Grammar. MIT press. ISBN 0262182521. 

Computational Linguistics[edit]

  • Charniak, Eugene (1996). Statistical Language Learning. MIT Press. ISBN 0262531410. 


  • Bickerton, Derek (2008). Bastard Tongues. Hill and Wang. ISBN 0809028174. 

Evolution of Language[edit]