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About Authors[edit]

Everyone is encouraged to participate in the ongoing development of this book. You do not need to be a Java persistence superstar to contribute, many times the best advice/information for other users comes from first time users who have not yet been conditioned to think something that may be confusing is obvious.

List of authors: (please contribute and sign your name)

James Sutherland[edit]

President of Paphus Solutions - Your experts in intelligence automation.

Paphus Solutions Inc. is a Canadian corporation that specializes in intelligence automation products and services.

I am a former architect of Oracle TopLink and committer on the open source EclipseLink product from the Eclipse Foundation.
I have over 20 years of experience in object persistence and enterprise software development.
For more information see my blog Java Persistence Performance, on follow me on Twitter, or Google+.

Doug Clarke[edit]

Oracle TopLink and Eclipse EclipseLink, over 10 years of experience in the object persistence industry.