Getting Into College for Homeschoolers

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Most college admissions guides for homeschoolers seem to focus on advice for parents, rather than advice for students. This is fine, but we feel that, because it is the student who will choose, apply to, and hopefully be accepted at college, there should also be a guide for homeschooled students who want to get into college. The first part of this book covers curriculum planning for homeschoolers, that is, what courses to take for college admissions. The second part covers standardized testing. The third part covers the application packet, the fourth part financial aid, and the fifth part choosing a college.

Table of Contents[edit]

  • Part I: Curriculum Planning for College Admissions
    • Dealing with Graduation Requirements
    • Dealing with Parental Requirements
    • Planning for Your Future Major/Career
    • Individual Colleges' Requirements/Recommendations
    • Advanced Classes
    • Electives
  • Part II: Standardized Tests
    • State-Mandated Testing
    • The GED
    • The PSAT
    • SAT or ACT?
    • The SAT Reasoning Test
    • The ACT
    • The SAT Subject Tests
    • AP Exams
    • CLEP Exams
  • Part III: Applying to College
    • Filling Out the Application
    • Writing an Essay
    • Preparing Your Transcript
    • Writing a Resume
    • Preparing a Portfolio
    • Interviews
  • Part IV: Financial Aid for Homeschoolers
    • Federal Grants
    • School Aid
    • Outside Scholarships
    • Student Loans
  • Part V: Choosing a College
    • Basic Considerations
    • Special Considerations for Homeschoolers
    • Finding the Right Fit
    • Choosing a Safety School
    • Campus Visits
    • If You Didn't Get In
    • The Wait List