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1. Engineers view everyone else as


2. The dilbert carton strip implies that Engineers view everyone else as


3. "The Nack" video punch line is:

I am afraid your son has the Nack
The Nack is a rare condition characterized by exteme intiution about all things electrical and mechanical ... and utter social ineptitude.
Can he lead a normal life? No. He will be an engineer.
If an engineer looses the Nack, the results can be devastating.

4. Diversity in engineering is measured in:

skin color, sex and orientation
number of freaks, weirdos and social degenerates

5. Engineers are hired based upon:

social significance

6. The punch line in "Diversity in Engineering" is:

Be nice to a freak
Say to a freak: Thank you for being you and not being me.

7. The "Engineering Mind" videos are sponsored by National Instruments which:

is a medical company
has a goal of virtualizing every knob and making every instruments display is available through the web
has a goal of connecting instruments all over the world with a pictoral type of programming language
makes educational equipment

8. Asking questions of an engineer is:

Something that should be fun
Scary, they may react with anger, intense repressed anger.
Dangerous, they may retaliate by putting ketchup on your wrist pad
A pleasant experience because they have been trained to be nice.

9. While concentrating the engineer was:

Rocking out to Journey
Hitting his computer
Smelling your timidity
Staring at the wall with a blank expression

10. Which step was not part of the formula for asking an engineer a question?

start with personal reason why they are awesome
brief question
minimize syllables in the question
wait for answer
concentrate on the knowledge being imparted to you
end with another personal reason why they are awesome

11. Most engineers describe themselves

by the technology they work with
by their role in the project team
by the people they serve
by their patents
as general engineers

12. Most engineers like to talk most about:

the projects they have been on
the types of technology they studied as undergrads
how much more broad and general of an engineer they have become
the company they work for

13. If you can not understand the question, if you can not figure out where to start, and you like that feeling, then:

become an engineer
drop out of engineering
study more
go to school

14. If you find a tutorial, but can not follow it and feel the urge to improve it even though you know nothing then:

become an engineer
drop out of engineering
study more
go to school

15. If you feel everyone else is smarter/better qualified than you then

find somewhere you are smarter than everyone
assume you are the single most odd, worthless engineer in the world
assume there are many others like you and it is up to you to develop a tutorial for them
you have successfully made all the worlds problems your own

16. Engineers living with uncertainty, confusion and failure comfort themselves using all the techniques below except which?

remembering it is the world's problem, the world's uncertainty, the world's confusion
remembering the engineering challenge is always to learn something new nobody else knows
self depreciation, self doubt, self uncertainty, self failure
the moment of clarity, the light bulb, metanoia moment is just around the curve

17. Engineering courses are so difficult, you have to choose two from which group of four below?

blaming racism, sexism, petitions and law suites
study, socialize, sleep and sports
searching for tutors, cheating, chanting "I am not good at something , and dropping out
not liking, not wanting to be like older students, instructors, working engineers, and not wanting to participate in engineering societies

18. The feeling of educational entitlement causes most people (except engineers) to expect:

others to define starting and stopping points of content
others to chop frustration into little tiny steps along a path to success
others to be experts that are willing to impart their knowledge
certification of teachers and students
teachers to not know what they are doing, but are willing to explore with you

19. The advice above consists of everything but which below?

take the initiative
believe you are engineer now
guess and look for correction
work hard
switch to medical school
keep as many doors open as possible in your future

20. Comparing engineering to finding a technology wave and surfing it means:

finding the leading edge of technology
finding the bleeding edge of technology
finding the trailing edge of technology
resurrecting parts of history and calling it engineering

21. One of the big problems in engineering is that the rest of the world doesn't know what engineers do. Why?

engineers are obnoxious
engineers don't work with people
engineers spend most of their time working with other engineers
engineers are not found working in walmart

22. If you feel someone else has faults:

forgive them
recognize your own gifts
call them normal
confront them

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