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The Health Institution[edit]

The Health Institution plays a central role in GNU Health. As a matter of fact, is the first thing you will have to create in the installation.

Since version 2.6, the health institution is a model. It is linked to the party model, but it has many other attributes.

Creating and Updating Health Institutions[edit]

The very first health institution that you create is special. Not only is a health institution, but is also your company . Please refer to the installation section "Create a Company" for more details.

The health institution can be accessed via :

Health -> Institutions

GNU Health institution

Health Institution Facilities[edit]

A health institution can have multiple facilities and resources, such as buildings, wards, operating rooms, beds or units.

The best way to access the health institution facilities is by clicking on the institution related record actions, as shown in the screenshot. One of the benefits of using related records from the institution form is that the related facility will contain the parent center, optimizing data entry and minimizing human error.

Selecting the health institution related facilities is done from the main institution form.