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This module includes all the information about the patient's surgical procedures.

GNU Health gives you the possibility of including standard codings for procedures by installing the ICD10-PCS module.

The ICD-10 Procedure Coding System (ICD-10-PCS) is a World Health Organization medical classification used for procedural codes. When procedures are performed for specific diseases or disorders, the disease or disorder is not contained in the procedure code. There are no codes for procedures exclusive to aneurysms, cleft lip, strictures, neoplasms, hernias, etc. The diagnosis codes, not the procedure codes, specify the disease or disorder.

GNU Health - Surgery

It is possible to classify the type of operation in three categories: optional, required and urgent.

From the same screen you can identify the different professionals that are involved in the surgery, not only the surgeon, but also the anesthetist.

GNU Health also includes a Surgical Safety Checklist that verifies important items and steps such as:

  • Risk of Massive bleeding
  • Pulse Oximeter in place
  • Surgical Site Marking
  • Antibiotic Prophilaxis
  • Sterility confirmed

In anesthesia, the Mallampati score is used to predict the ease of intubation. It is determined by looking at the anatomy of the oral cavity. A high Mallampati score (class 3 or 4) is associated with more difficult intubation as well as a higher incidence of sleep apnea. In the example, we see that the patient John Smith has a class 1 score, that is, full visibility of tonsild, uvula and soft palate.

As we can see in the screenshot below, GNU Health helps you searching the procedure using a filter with two different categories, code and long text.

GNU Health - Surgery - ICD10-PCS

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