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As you begin studying for the GAMSAT you will probably begin to look at some of the many study guides, courses and practice tests available for purchase online. Before you spend hundreds of dollars on these materials though, you should see what is available for free. Many of these groups make practice tests available, that allow you to try their questions, before you buy their products.

On this page I have listed the free materials I have been able to find, as on January 14th 2010. Below there are almost 500 questions for section 1 and 3, along with about 13 essay topics. Good Luck!


  • Of course, the practice materials published by ACER are considered to be the best at simulating the difficulty and timing of the real exam. Effective November 2011, the ACER Practice Booklets have been replaced with PDF Formats. There are currently three available PDFs for purchase (as compared to the 4 booklets in print in the previous years) - Practice Test 1, Practice Test 2, and Sample Questions. The booklet Practice Questions is currently not available for purchase, but it will be soon.