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Däi Nippon





Deathless Death—In Memory of Richard Watson Gilder

A Débutante



A Descant

The Difference

Didst Thou Rejoice?. Lippincott's Monthly Magazine v. 35 p. 191 (February 1885); 1898 p. 12; 1916 v. 2 p. 144. Indentation differences. Stanza break after line 8 (1916).

Didst thou rejoice because the day was fair,—
  Because, in Orient splendor newly dressed,
  On flowering glebe and bloomless mountain-crest
The sun complacent smiled? Ah! didst thou dare
The careless rapture of that bird to share
  Which, soaring toward the dawn from dewy nest,
  Hailed it with song? From Ocean's treacherous breast
Didst borrow the repose mild-mirrored there?

Thou foolish heart! Behold! the light is spent;
  Rude thunders shake the crags; songs timorous cease;
Lo! with what moan and mutinous lament
  Ocean his pent-up passions doth release!
O thou who seekest sure and fixed content,
  Search in thy soul: there find some source of peace.

Ditty: "My True Love's Eyes"


The Dream Beautiful (see My Dream)

Dream the Great Dream

Dreyfus (If thou art living, in that Devil's Isle)

Dreyfus (France has no dungeon in her island tomb)

Dryad Song

Du Maurier