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Captain Guynemer

A Cathedral—All Saint's Day in the Great North Woods


"Che Faro Senza Eurydice!" (see Eurydice)

The Cherubim

The Child and the Heart Bereft

Child-Fancies: I. Asphodel II. Gathered Wild-Flowers

The Chosen

The Christ of the Andes

Christmas Eve

The Chrysanthemum


The Clouds

Columbus. Harper's Weekly v. 36 p. 1014 (22 October 1892); 1898 p. 9; 1916 v. 1 p. 97. Punctuation differences.

Viceroy they made him, Admiral and Don,
  Wishing—good King and Queen!—to honor him
  Whose deeds should make all like distinctions dim.
Columbus! Other title needs he none.
  And they—in wisdom more than kingship blest—
  Go down to future days, remembered best
For service rendered to that lowly one.

Columbus! With proud love, yet reverently,
  Pronounce that name—the name of one who heard
  A word of life, and, answering that word,
Braved death, unfearing, on the Shadowy Sea;
  Who—seeking land not known to any chart,
  That land by faith deep graven on his heart—
Found justice, truth, and human liberty!

Combatants. Century v. 47 no. 1 p. 139 (November 1893); 1898 pp. 4-5; 1916 v. 1 pp. 245-6. "vizor" (Century, line 6). Punctuation differences.

He seemed to call me, and I shrank dismayed,
  Deeming he threatened all I held most dear;
But when at last his summons I obeyed,
  Perplexed and full of fear,
I found upon his face no angry frown,—
  Only a visor down.

Indignant that his voice, so calm and sweet,
  In my despite, unto my soul appealed,
I cried, "If thou hast courage, turn and meet
  A foeman full revealed!"
And with determined zeal that made me strong,
  Contended with him long.

But oh, the armor he so meekly bore
  Was wrought for him in other worlds than ours!
In firm defense of what he battled for,
  Were leagued eternal powers!
I fell; yet overwhelmed by my disgrace,
  At last I saw his face.

And in its matchless beauty I forgot
  The constant service to my pledges due,
And, with adoring love that sorrowed not,
  Entreated, "Tell me who
Hath so o'erthrown my will and pride of youth!"
  He answered, "I am Truth."


Conflict and Rest



Coronation—To King Edward VII


Cradle Song


Cruel Love—Anacreontic

Cupid and the Muses