FFMPEG An Intermediate Guide/watermarks

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A two second note to start this page

Ffmpeg has a number of ways of overlaying video/images into one stream, unfortunately at this point in time, their does not seem to be a way of doing it in side ffmpeg it self, which means you will have to use an external program.

The list below does not indicate an order of preference.


linux, mac (through may no longer be available in ffmpeg) ffmpeg 'input_video.mov' -vhook '/watermark.so -f overlay.jpg' 'output_video.mov'

!Replace /watermark.so with full path on your OS you may want to use same quality option, -sameq make sure that the water mark image is the correct size


windows, though there is a linux version but capabilities need to be tested.

Ffmpeg need to be build to be able to pass to/from avisyth

Graphic Program[edit]

Image magick, graphic magick, graphics 2d, adobe bridge, to mention a few.