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There are three levels of participation in OCTEM, the WikiBook of Emergency Medicine.

  • Readers - those who use the pages of OCTEM by browsing links or jumping into the middle of the pages by a Google search or bookmark or using Wiki tools to search for particular content.
  • Writers - those who contribute by editing the content of OCTEM.
  • Editors - those who (later) monitor and certify the correctness and accuracy of edits to the content of OCTEM.


Readers use simple browsing skills and a few Wikibook tricks and tools to find what they need to support the practice of emergency medicine. The reader must beware and ultimately take responsibility to understand OCTEM - just as he/she must understand how to use any source from the PDR to textbooks to publications.


The WIki process allows for anyone to add to and edit the content of the Wiki Stuff. OCTEM in this early phase allows any user to edit the content of any page/article. It tracks all changes. THrought WatchLists, it allows potential editors to monitor changes in content and to roll back erroneous or malicious or inappropriate changes to any article.

All readers have access to all past versions of each article by way of the history tab above the article, although this can be laborious. All changes are retained by the Wiki system software.


This is a planned role, not physically implemented yet. For now, I suggest that each user interested in taking credit for an article, add your user name as and editor as a link to your User Page. You should fill in your User Page abou yourself. Add it to your WatchList as well and figure out how this works. See Using WikiBook WatchLists in OCTEM.

Editors should be active in Talk pages regarding an article, especially when you intervene with negative feedback - correcting or removing undesirable content.

Others may certainly contribute to an article, but the idea of an editor is to monitor and try to maintain a certain level of reliability to the OCTEM content. Editors should be very familiar with the topic covered to be able to quickly judge the accuracy of added content.

Ultimately, I anticipate a software-supported mechanism to control the presented content by the editors. I see it as a simple extension of the Wiki Software whereby an approval step occurs between "save this Page" and its update on the Web version. This is currently instantaneous. It would not be hard, from a software persspective, to add a step where the editors approve or veto or modify the changes online. An improved user-identification for editor-users would certify the identity and credentials of the editor users.