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Typically, a dessert is a food that comes at the end of a meal. Its taste is usually sweet, but sometimes strong, as with many cheeses. The word comes from the Old French desservir, meaning "to clear the table." Common desserts include cakes, cookies, fruits, pastries, pies, ice cream, and candies.

Brownies, Bars and Squares[edit]


Cakes, Cupcakes[edit]

New York Cheesecake


Chewy Ginger Cookies

Crisps, Cobblers[edit]

Fruit Desserts, Compotes[edit]

Frozen Desserts[edit]

Icings and Frostings[edit]

Pies, Tarts[edit]

Pumpkin Pie

Pudding, Custard[edit]

Galaktoboureko (Greek dessert)