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Pakistani cuisine is broadly very similar to the cuisine of North India, but with strong influences from Persia, Afghanistan, and the south-west coast of the Indian sub-continent. Muslims eat fewer vegetarian dishes and more meat dishes than Hindus, and don't avoid beef. It is also regionally splintered along geographical and ethnic lines, with regional cuisines. Finally, the coming of independence in 1947 brought an influx of Indian Muslims across the border, with many traditional Indian dishes becoming Pakistani staples too.

Main Dishes[edit]

Non-Vegetarian Dishes[edit]






  • Lassi (yoghurt based shakes in either sweet or salted flavors, most common flavors include mango, rosewater and plain sugar sweetened lassi.)
  • Doodh-Patti (A variant of tea, in which little or no water is used, made with milk)
  • Chai Tea