Climate Change

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Retreating calving front of the Jacobshavn Isbrae glacier in Greenland from 1851 - 2006. NASA in 2007.

This Wikibook deals with climate change, in particular the recent climate change that is also referred to as "global warming". If you care to share your knowledge of this topic, please contribute.

Although this book is still in a very preliminary state, we seem to be moving toward a cohesive structure. The book is really two parts: first, a primer on the science of climate change, and second, a study of societal implications of climate change. The first part deals with much more concrete, physically based principles. As such, it can be developed more easily. The second part is potentially more controversial, but not necessarily so; for the early stages of development, the second part should probably be limited to generalities and external links.

⇒Climate Change refers to the changing of weather from place to place, from time to time which is also reffered to the "Global Warming". Global Warming is warming of the globe (world) due to climate change.

Table of Contents[edit]

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Tools and applications[edit]

  • Flood Maps ( interesting demonstration, using Google’s mapping API and raw data from NASA, to generate a visualization of the impact of sea level rising due to climate change.