Canadian Criminal Sentencing/Cases/Weapons Offences

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Case Citation Sentence Summary
R. v. Wong 2012 ONCA 767 (CanLII) 3 years drugs and guns

Section 86: Careless Storage[edit]

Section 87: Pointing a Firearm[edit]

Section 88: Dangerous Purpose[edit]

Case Citation Sentence Summary
R. v. Sousa 2011 ONSC 6463 2.5 years handgun

Section 90: Concealed Weapon[edit]

Case Citation Sentence Summary
R. v. Ramirez 2012 ABPC 176 discharge no record

Section 91: Unauthorized Possession of Firearm[edit]

Section 92: Possession of Unauthorized Firearm[edit]

Section 95: Possession of a Restricted or Prohibited Firearm[edit]

Case Citation Sentence Summary
R. v. Johnsrud 2012 ABPC 298 (CanLII) 5 years offender pointed unloaded firearm at victim and pulled trigger
R. v. Choken 2012 MBPC 44 (CanLII) 5 years offender was 19 years old connected to biker gang, also convicted of drug traffficking
R. v. Frohock 2009 BCCA 227 6 years 8 months after 14 mo remand found with loaded sawed-off shotgun; 45 year old with extensive record.
R. v. Cross 2006 CanLII 33193 (ON C.A.) 2 years less a day 19 year old;limited record; .45 calibre handgun concealed in the waistband of the offenders’s pants.
R. v. Syed 2005 CanLII 4773 (ON C.A.) 2 years less a day numerous loaded weapons, 590 grams of marijuana
R. v. Smith 2006 NSCA 95 2 years 9mm handgun outside a bedroom; 39 year old with a significant drug addiction; 49 prior convictions
R. v. Dickson 2007 ABCA 322 25.5 months sawed-off shotgun

Section 99, 100: Weapons Trafficking[edit]