Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Outreach/African American Adventist Heritage in the NAD - Advanced

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African American Adventist Heritage in the NAD - Advanced
North American Division
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Year of Introduction: 2010

The purpose of this honor is to illustrate how God has led within the Adventist church to share His message through the events, places, and contributions of the people of a specific cultural group.

1.Have the African American Adventist Heritage in NAD honor[edit]

Instructions and tips for earning the African American Adventist Heritage in the NAD honor can be found in the Outreach chapter.

2.Prepare presentations based on your research in two of the following:[edit]

a)Trace the journey of the Morning Star from the beginning launch in Allegan, Michigan in 1894 until it was beached in the 1900’s. Include a time line.[edit]

b)The history of the forming of one of the Regional Conferences and the location of its present administrative offices and its executive administrators. Include photos, dates, and bulletins where available.[edit]

There are nine regional conferences in the North American Division[1].

Allegheny East[edit]

Allegheny West[edit]

Central States[edit]

Lake Region[edit]


South Atlantic[edit]

South Central[edit]


Southwest Region[edit]

c)One of the following leaders and their contributions to the Seventh-day Adventist Church.[edit]

E. E. Cleveland[edit]

W. H. Green[edit]

Delbert Baker[edit]

Calvin B. Rock[edit]

Calvin E. Moseley[edit]

Hyveth Williams[edit]

Daniel Davis[edit]

Your presentation may be in the form of any of the following, citing all sources used:
a. Electronic presentation
b. Bulletin Board/Presentation Board display
c. Verbal presentation
d. Written Report (minimum of one-page)