A-level Applied Science/Investigating Science at Work/Types of science organisation

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and information science, medicine and military science. There are also applied branches of most other sciences. 

Instrumental science, an applied science, is a systematic way of solving problems. It is not a science of discovery but rather deals with manipulation to solve a particular problem such as "The crops are dying. We need to find a way to stop this." Instrumental sciences are well known for research and development which result in new technology.

In researching local science-based businesses, include firms which are involved in:

(1) Producing:

• products from plants, animals or microbes;

• water, gas, oil, gravel, clay, stone or minerals;

• chemicals, paints, dyes, fertilisers and plastics;

• pharmaceuticals, for example medicines;

• mechanical or electrical devices;

• refined fuels;

• processed and packaged products.

(2) Providing services:

• health;

• conservation and use of the environment;

• monitoring the environment;

• animal welfare;

• analysis;

• communication;

• education in science and technology;

• distributing and selling food and other products;

• distributing energy resources.